Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle - Tennessee

Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle - Tennessee

What Is a Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A Tennessee Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle is a legal document issued by the Tennessee County Clerk , that allows the seller and the purchaser to exchange a certain sum of money for a motor vehicle. It is an essential part of vehicle documentation that makes the sale and purchase valid by showing the agreement of the parties and proving the payment was done in good faith.

Alternate Names:

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale;
  • Car Bill of Sale.

A Bill of Sale for a car in Tennessee is not as formalized as a deed or a title, but it is still recognized by government agencies and courts of law if disputes or disagreements occur. You can download a fillable Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale form through the link below.


Do You Need a Bill of Sale for a Car in Tennessee?

Since all vehicles in Tennessee must be registered properly so that the new owner will operate them on the highways and roads of the state, it is required to submit the necessary documentation to the Tennessee County Clerk's local office in person or by mail. A Bill of Sale proves you have bought the car legally and releases the former owner from any liability for the car, so fill it out with current and accurate information.

A Bill of Sale for a vehicle in Tennessee includes the following details:

  1. Buyer's information - full name and address;
  2. Seller's information - full name and address;
  3. Vehicle description - date of sale, make, model, year, built, color, vehicle identification number;
  4. Trade-in provision (if applicable). State the model, make, year, vehicle identification, and color of the vehicle;
  5. Selling price. If you trade in your vehicle, indicate the difference in prices;
  6. Signatures and printed names of the parties. The document must be composed in two original copies, one for each party. The purchaser will use the Bill of Sale to register the vehicle, and the seller keeps the document for the records - it may be useful for annual tax forms.

Additionally, you must submit a signed over title, an odometer reading statement (Form RV-F1317001), and proof of identification and residency. Form RV-F1301201, Affidavit of Non-Dealer Transfers of Motor Vehicles and Boats, is another document crucial for the deal that you are required to complete, and do not forget to indicate if the motor vehicle was transferred to your relatives or sold at a low price.

Does a Vehicle Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Tennessee?

Yes, Tennessee does require a notary public's certification when conducting vehicle sales. This can save potential trouble which might occur should the seller or buyer contest the transaction at a later date.

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