DA Form 160-R Application for Active Duty

What Is DA Form 160-R?

DA Form 160-R, Application for Active Duty is a form filed by U.S. Reserve Duty Soldiers wishing to apply for active duty programs. It allows the authorized personnel to determine the applicants' qualifications and may be used for scheduling examinations, screenings and issuing active duty orders.

The newest version of the document - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DD Form 160 - was released by the Department of the Army (DA) in July 2010 with all previous editions being obsolete. An up-to-date DA Form 160-R fillable version is available for download and online filing below or can be found on the Army Publishing Directorate website.

The application is unclassified and available for public use. Failing to provide the personal information required by the DA 160-R will result in denial to participate in active duty programs announced by the Department of the Army Headquarters (HDQA).


Download DA Form 160-R Application for Active Duty

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DA Form 160-R Instructions

All guidelines regarding the DA 160-R are prescribed by the Army Regulation 135-210, Order to Active Duty as Individuals for Other Than a Presidential Selected Reserve Call-up, Partial or Full Mobilization, released in September 1999. Filing procedures may vary depending on the current status and grade of the applicant.

  1. Item 1 requires the date of filing the form. Item 2 is for the appropriate area command that has the jurisdiction over the applicant. If the applicant is an active duty warrant officer they should specify the command in which they are serving.
  2. Item 3 is for the full name of the applicant.
  3. Item 4 is filed only by the individuals that are currently appointed or enlisted as Reserves. Their present grade must be provided in Item 4; warrant officers must include their current pay grade. Item 4b is for indicating the reserve component to which the applicant is assigned. Item 4c is used by commissioned officers to indicate their assigned branch.
  4. Item 5a requires the current Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or Area of Concentration (AOC). Item 5b is for individuals applying for an appointment as Reserves with concurrent active duty and requires the applicant to specify the Reserve component to which they are applying.
  5. Items 6a through 6c refer to the applicants Permanent Home Address or Home of Record. Applicants not on active duty will enter their permanent home address in Item 6a. Warrant officers on active duty will provide their home of record as shown in their duty orders. Applicants on duty as enlisted personnel must enter their home address as shown on their enlistment record.
  6. Items 7a and 7b require specifying the address the applicant will be at when the orders are issued and the maximum period of time they will spend at this temporary address. The applicant has to specify their phone number at this address in Item 7c.
  7. Item 8 is completed only by personnel currently on active duty in a warrant officer or enlisted status.
  8. The applicant has to indicate the period during which they would like to volunteer for active duty in Item 9 and state their preference for the location and period of service in Items 10 and 11.
  9. The applicants that need time to settle their affairs before going on active duty must file Item 12. Item 13 is for any additional remarks.

Where to Send DA form 160-R?

The address for mailing the completed application depends on the military status of the service member:

  • Soldiers of the U.S. Army National Guard forward the form to their unit commander.
  • Soldiers of the Army Reserve send it to the unit commander if they are assigned to a unit. If not, they should address it to the Army Headquarters, Appointments Directorate, ATTN: TAPC-OPD-RD, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132-5200.
  • Warrant officers and enlisted personnel on active duty forward the form to the commander of their present unit.
  • Individuals applying for an appointment with concurrent active duty submit the DA 160-R with their application for appointment according to regulations applicable to the type of appointment requested.