DA Form 3433-1 Supplemental Employment Application Form

What is a DA Form 3433-1?

DA Form 3433-1, Supplemental Employment Application Form is a document filed by service members selected for nonappropiated fund employment. The form is a necessary addition to the application and provides a history of previous education, an overview of skills and work experience as well as other data that might later affect promotions, transfers, and leave entitlements.

The form also provides the employer with the applicant's citizenship status and military service history to determine whether they are affected by any law or legal procedure applicable to the particular workplace.

The Department of the Army (DA) released the latest version of the DA 3433-1 in August 2002 - all previous editions are obsolete and may not be used. A copy of the DA Form 3433-1 is available for download through the United States Army Publishing Directorate website or down below.

DA Form 3433-1 Supplemental Employment Application Form
DA Form 3433-1 Supplemental Employment Application Form
DA Form 3433-1 Supplemental Employment Application Form

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DA 3433-1 Form Instructions

  1. Fill in all basic identifying information: your name, date of birth, social security number, e-mail, and mailing address. Specify your current annual salary in Box 5.
  2. Check the option that describes your citizenship status in Box 6.
  3. Identify your current employment status in Box 7 and your military status in Box 8.
  4. Boxes 10 and 11 describe the position you are currently applying to and the lowest acceptable salary you are willing to agree on.
  5. If you currently are or previously were working in NAF or AF positions, fill in Boxes 12 to 18.
  6. Indicate if it's possible to contact your previous employer for references in Box 19. List any two people not related to you in Box 20 for the same purpose.
  7. Boxes 21 through 24 are voluntary. The applicant selected for the job will undergo a full background check to certify any information entered in this section of the DA 3433-1.
  8. Sign and date the form in Boxes 25 and 26.

DA 3433-1 Related Forms

The Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) employment packet consists of three forms in total: the DA form 3433, the DA Form 3433-1 and the DA Form 3433-2.

  1. The DA Form 3433 (Optional Application for Nonappropriated Fund Employment) is used instead of a resume by members of the military applying for NAF positions.
  2. The DA Form 3433-2 (Supplemental A - Employment Application Form for Child-Youth Services Positions) is filed by all servicemen and women applying for positions that involve working with children.
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