PS Form 6182 Commercial Invoice

PS Form 6182 Commercial Invoice

What Is PS Form 6182?

PS Form 6182, Commercial Invoice is a form used for international shipping by the United States Postal Service (USPS) . PS Form 6182 has two unique barcode numbers for tracking, so you may know the location of your package on either USPS website or the FedEx website.

Alternate Names:

  • USPS Form 6182;
  • USPS Commercial Invoice Form

The latest edition of the form was released on September 1, 2009 , and is available in PDF-format down below. Alternatively, you can look it up on the USPS website.


Do I need PS Form 6182?

You do not need the USPS Commercial Invoice if you send the first-class mail international that weights under 16 ounces (only non-dutiable documents/general correspondence). In most cases, however, you will need USPS Form 6182 to declare the contents of your package for the country's border control agency. Copies of customs forms can be obtained free of cost at any post office, online, by telephone or fax.

Print the forms or order them with a Click-N-Ship online service on the USPS website. The forms arrive in three to five business days via standard mail. The USPS delivers ten hard copies at a time, as many customs forms require one to three copies. Effective January 27, 2019, a few sections in the International Mail Manual were revised. Corrections were made to the shipping price list and to the official names of some countries.

PS Form 6182 Instructions

To complete a USPS Commercial Invoice form, follow the Instructions on the back of the form:

  • Global Express Guaranteed Tracking Number-10 digit USPS tracking number is on the bottom right corner of the Shipping Label;
  • Names of Shipper, Recipient, and Buyer;
  • Address (number, street, apartment/suite, PO box number) including postal code and telephone numbers including area code;
  • Purpose of shipment (gift, personal use, return for/after repair);
  • Country of Ultimate Destination;
  • Exporting Carrier (prefilled-FedEx Express);
  • Total number of Packages (prefilled-1);
  • Total Gross Weight (in pounds and ounces);

Form 6182 also has a section only for Commercial Shipments (if shipments valued at $30 or above), where customers need to enter the following information:

  • Invoice date and number;
  • Customer order number;
  • Tax ID number or EIN;
  • Terms and conditions of payment and delivery;
  • Description of each item;
  • Country of manufacture;
  • Quantity and unit of measure, unit value, currency type and amount;
  • Name, date, location, and signature of the applicant;
  • Barcode scanning area;
  • Subtotal amount;
  • Packing costs;
  • Postage/shipping charges;
  • Insurance cost;
  • Total invoice value.

After completion, sign a copy of the form and insert it into a plastic envelope. Attach it to the package with Air Waybill on address side. Make sure your container is large enough for the label, which is 9.5 inches long and 5.5 inches high.

Download PS Form 6182 Commercial Invoice

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