ATF Form 5310.11 (8) Part 2 "Federal Firearms License (FFL) Renewal Application - Draft"

What Is ATF Form 8?

ATF Form 8, also known as ATF Form 8 Part 2, or ATF Form 5310.11 is a form used to renew the Federal Firearms Licence (FFL). The FFL is necessary to sell, transfer, and distribute firearms.

The most recent version of the ATF Form 8 was issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) on January 1, 2011. The ARF 8 Form can be found below.

The ATF sends the FFL renewal form to license holders 90 days prior to the license expiration date. The completed form should be returned to the ATF before the expiration date. If the licensee does not want to renew the license, they should complete the form anyway to notify the ATF about their decision. If they miss the deadline, a new license must be obtained by filling out ATF Form 7. A business cannot be continued until a license is obtained or renewed.

When the form is mailed to the ATF, the licensee should request a Letter of Authorization (LOA). It will allow continuing the business under the existing license while the application is being processed. The LOA is good for six months.


ATF Form 8 Instructions

The instructions for completing the federal firearms license renewal application can be found below.

How to Fill out ATF Form 8?

  1. Fill in the amount of the renewal fee and the method of payment the fee. You can either enclose a check or money order with the form or authorize the ATF to charge the fee to your credit card;
  2. Put an X mark in the applicable box form indicating your request for an LOA;
  3. If you chose a credit card payment, check the top right block of the form. Sign this block and date it;
  4. If you are not renewing your license, fill out the next block. Check the box, sign and date it and return the form to the provided address. If you are renewing, leave this block blank;
  5. Block A, Current FFL Information. Check the box if you are changing your FFL information and provide new information;
  6. Block B, Hours of operation. Check the applicable box and provide the hours of operation of your business. If the business does not operate on certain days, check the applicable boxes;
  7. Block C-D. Self-explanatory;
  8. Sign the form and date the form. Mail it to the address provided on the first page of the form.

How to Answer 7a and 7b on ATF Form 8?

Question 7a in block C requires you to enter the number of firearms you acquired or bought over the past 3 years. If you have multiple FFLs, enter the amount acquired only under the FFL you are renewing. In the 7b question enter the amount or firearms sold or disposed of with the current FFL. If you hold multiple FFLs, provide the information relating only to the renewed one. If you are a manufacturer or a gunsmith, enter N/A.


Download ATF Form 5310.11 (8) Part 2 "Federal Firearms License (FFL) Renewal Application - Draft"

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