Recreational Vessel/Vehicle Bill of Sale - Massachusetts

Recreational Vessel/Vehicle Bill of Sale - Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Recreational Vessel/Vehicle Bill of Sale is an official form used within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to document the transfer of watercraft or vehicle from a seller to a buyer. If completed according to the state requirements, the form is considered legal proof of ownership and accepted by all state government agencies. It is a legally binding agreement that contains all necessary details of the transfer.

Alternate Names:

  • Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale;
  • Massachusetts Vessel Bill of Sale.

The details indicated in the document are used to change the registration and title of the sold vehicle or watercraft. The document itself can be applied when it is necessary to prove the fact of ownership or to release the previous owner from responsibility for the sold vehicle or boat. You can download a printable version of the Recreational Vessel/Vehicle Bill of Sale through the link below.

The form was released by the Massachusetts Environmental Police. State authorities issue one other vehicle bill of sale to use for off-highway vehicles (snowmobiles, ATVs and dirt bikes among others) is the Massachusetts Bill of Sale for Off-Highway Vehicles and Snowmobiles available for downloading on our site.


Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale Requirements

You are required to complete this document every time you buy or sell a vehicle or watercraft in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For the form to be legally accepted by all government agencies, comply with the following requirements:

  1. Print the form on white paper;
  2. The document must be legible. Any alterations, erasures, or white-outs can void the document;
  3. Enter the date of the sale;
  4. Provide the sales price in dollars;
  5. Indicate the full names of both the seller and the buyer, as shown on their official IDs;
  6. Specify the addresses of both parties;
  7. Enter a full description of the watercraft or vehicle which is to be sold. Include the make, year, hull or vehicle identification number, and length of the boat (if applicable);
  8. If the motor or trailer is included in the current sale, specify it and add the necessary description;
  9. Sign the form and ask the buyer to sign it as well.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle in Massachusetts?

After buying a vehicle in Massachusetts, you must register it in order to operate it legally. The same applies to watercraft. In order to apply for the registration of your vehicle, prepare the Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale, completed Form RMV-1, Application for Registration and Title, and proof of insurance. To register a vehicle bought from an individual, you will also need the previous owner's Certificate of Title.

If you wish to register a boat that you bought, in addition to the Bill of Sale, you will need a pencil tracing of the hull number, Form ST-6 or Form ST-6E (to prove the taxes are paid), and a completed Boat, Off-Highway Vehicle and Snowmobile Registration and Titling Application. If you bought a brand new watercraft, you have to submit the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin as well.

Here are some more forms related to vehicle and boat registration and titling:

You may need to fill out and submit some of these forms to finish the registration process. Note that Franklin County issued its own bills of sale you have to use when selling a boat or a vehicle.

Does a Vehicle or Watercraft Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Massachusetts?

The laws of Massachusetts do not require you to notarize the document but it is generally a good idea to have a notary or witness to a sale in order to confirm the transaction has taken place. This can save any potential trouble which might occur should the seller or buyer contest the transaction at a later date.

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