DD Form 1594 Contract Completion Statement

DD Form 1594 Contract Completion Statement

What Is DD Form 1594?

DD Form 1594, Contract Completion Statement , is the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) authorized electronic version of the Contract Completion Statement. The form is used by the Contract Administration Office (CAO) can inform the PO (or designated Automatic Data Processing (ADP) point) of the final payment and the physical completion and closure of the contract file. The DD 1594 itself is the basis for the PO to close out the contract.

The latest version of the form - often confused with DA Form 1594, Daily Staff Journal or Duty Officer's Log - was issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) on February 1, 1970 , and remains valid and in use today. The form was re-released and updated: a fillable DD Form 1594 with electronic signature is available for download below.

Contract Close Notifications can be found in the Department of Defense Electronic Document Access. They are available to authorized users only, who may otherwise not be informed about the closeouts. The data contained in these reports is used when making tri-annual reviews, reconciling accounting records, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) data.


DD Form 1594 Instructions

DD Form 1594 contains administrative, verification, and final payment information. Several sections of the form require additional details and comments:

  1. The date indicated in Block 9d is usually regarded as the administration office closeout date and used as that for file purposes.

  2. In case the closeout actions take more than three months since the date entered in the abovementioned block, the following steps must be taken:

    • The date in Block 10e will be considered as the purchasing office closeout date;
    • The contracting office will need to inform the contract administration office about the revision of the closeout date. This can be done by sending a copy of the completed document, or by transmitting the data electronically.
  3. After the final payment, DD Form 1594 or its electronic equivalent should be processed in order to verify that all the required contract administration office actions are completed. The original document or its equivalent should be sent to the contracting office for them to fill in the corresponding file.

  4. The copy of the paper needs to be dispatched to EDA and financial systems using the ANSI X12 567.

DD Form 1597, Contract Closeout Check-List, is also considered an integral part of the contract closure process. The DD 1594 is used to ensure that all required contract actions have been satisfactorily accomplished.

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