Hospital Organizational Chart Template

Hospital Organizational Chart Template

What Is a Hospital Organizational Chart?

A Hospital Organizational Chart is a visual diagram that shows the hospital chain of command. You can download a Hospital Organizational Chart template through the link below.

Alternate Name:

  • Hospital Organizational Structure Chart.

Any medical institution can benefit from a clearly defined structure - a typical Hospital Organizational Chart will outline the ranking within the hospital, state the relationship between the employees, subordinates, and bosses, help all employees to know who they are supposed to report to, and allow for quick and effective delegation of tasks in the team. Additionally, it will let the management of the facility see which departments lack communication, are understaffed, or do not have the necessary balance to pursue their objectives.


Hospital Organizational Chart - What to Include

Follow these steps to create a Hospital Organizational Structure Chart:

  1. Draw a chart with boxes and cells to reflect the hierarchy of the hospital. In case you have trouble figuring out the internal structure of the hospital, you should refer to the internal laws of the medical institution - they should have indications regarding the hierarchical order.
  2. Traditionally, a general Hospital Organizational Chart contains the following categories of employees:
    • Board of directors. These people make key decisions for the hospital, ensure the medical institution provides quality treatment to all patients, and monitor the financial well-being of the hospital;
    • Executives are responsible for hiring caregivers, planning and obtaining financing for the hospital development, and holding negotiations with insurance providers to make sure patients get appropriate reimbursement;
    • Department administrators. The employees from this category are in charge of organizing and following the medical services and day-to-day activities of the healthcare facility. On top of that, they deal with proper cross-departmental communication;
    • Supervising physicians are providing supervision for all the in-hospital supervision, monitor the performance of regular doctors and practitioners, and make sure the healthcare tasks carried out by physician assistants are within their capabilities;
    • Service providers. This is the largest category of employees - it includes not only doctors, physical therapists, and nurses, but other people who help the hospital function properly such as laundry attendants and personnel that collect and dispose of medical waste.
  3. Note that there is no need to indicate every single duty or detail about a hospital employee featured in the chart. You should add their job titles and names. In case you are keeping an electronic version of the file available to all employees, you may add links to employees' phone numbers as well but do not share this information with the general public.
  4. Use bright colors and leave a lot of space between details indicated in the chart. Since there may be changes to the hospital staff, it may be a good idea to opt for an electronic document to keep all information safe and update it whenever necessary. Additionally, if you publish the chart online and alter it regularly, you may add an option for doctors and nurses to learn about the modifications via e-mail.

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