Business Organizational Chart Template

Business Organizational Chart Template

What Is a Business Organizational Chart?

A Business Organizational Chart is a scheme that individuals can use to represent their company's internal structure. The purpose of the document is to provide information about how your business is organized, what are the relationship and responsibilities of different departments, and how they are related to each other.

Alternate Name:

  • Business Plan Organizational Chart.

This type of chart can be prepared for each department separately, or show the structure for the whole company. As your business develops, the chart will develop along with it since you will be adding new employees and projects into it.

Generally, individuals compile an organizational chart for business as an attachment to their Business Plan, when they want to show the structure of their business to potential investors or banks. Additionally, these charts can be used inside the company to make the management system more transparent and help employees understand who they are reporting to. If you are looking for a chart that will work for your business you can check out a Business Organizational Chart template that can be downloaded below.


How to Make a Business Organizational Chart?

Making an organizational chart can be overwhelming since you are supposed to gather information about every department or employee in your enterprise. There are several ways how you can present information in your small business organizational chart, therefore, you can choose from a vertical (hierarchical) chart, a matrix chart, or a horizontal (flat) chart. They all have their own peculiarities, such as:

  • A Vertical chart is a business version of a "family tree" where all parts of the chart are structured in order of hierarchy. This type of chart is usually used by medium or large companies with several layers of management;
  • A Matrix chart works best for companies where employees have several supervisors or work on several projects at the same time. With this chart it is easier to show in graphics how an employee reports to two or more managers;
  • A Horizontal chart is commonly used for small businesses with no levels of middle management.

Choosing the chart that is right for you will help your business develop and build a healthy structure within the company without any extra unnecessary levels. Reviewing your diagram from time to time can also help you understand whether your company needs restructuring.

It is up to you what kind of information to include in your organizational chart. Generally, the charts are presented as diagrams, where the blocks that represent departments (or employees) are connected with lines that show the relations between them. Company organizational charts provide the following details:

  • Department's Description. If you want to include information about a department in your diagram, you can designate what the department is responsible for, how many employees are working there, what kind of subdivisions it has, etc.
  • Information About an Employee. If you include a particular employee in the diagram you can indicate their name, the position they are occupying, their contact details, and their picture. Their contact details can include a telephone number and an email.

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