Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Connecticut

Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Connecticut

Connecticut Non-Disclosure Agreement: What is it?

A Connecticut Non-Disclosure Agreement is a written contract signed by two parties (individuals or entities) to forbid the sharing of confidential details these parties have shared. Whether you represent a corporation that wants to prevent its current or former employees from disclosing trade secrets with your competitors or any third parties or you have disclosed the internal records of your company to a customer or business partner, you are entitled to keep these details private and protect the future of your business and your revenue.

You may download a Connecticut Non-Disclosure Agreement Template below.


Connecticut NDA: How to Make?

Include the following details to the Connecticut NDA to ensure it remains legally enforceable for both parties to the contract and cannot be challenged in court or questioned by authorities in the event of a dispute:

  1. Names and addresses of the parties.
  2. Confidential information covered by the contract . Make sure the document contains a proper list of all the details that cannot be shared with third parties. Mention the reason the information was disclosed and the reason it cannot be known to other people or companies.
  3. Duration of the agreement . It will depend on the wishes of the parties - the contract may expire in 5 or 10 years or last indefinitely.
  4. Fines and penalties the breaching party may have to pay if they violate the terms of the agreement . Moreover, you should specify the jurisdiction: choose the court that will accept a lawsuit in case there was a breach of a contract. You should also consider the steps the disclosing party will take before filing a complaint with a court - maybe, there can be a formal notice sent to the information recipient warning them not to sign a contract with a market rival thus violating the confidentiality provision.
  5. Signatures of the parties and the actual date of signing . It is also allowed to provide authorization to a legal representative who will negotiate the terms of the NDA and sign the document on behalf of their client.
  6. Notary seal . It is crucial to sign the papers in the presence of a notary public - alternatively, you may find witnesses that do not have a personal interest in your agreement but can still verify your identity and confirm there was no duress from the disclosing party.

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