High School Book Report Template

High School Book Report Template

High School Book Report: What Is It?

All high school students will be familiar with a High School Book Report . Although there may not be many smiles around when this is set as a homework task, there are certainly ways of making this not only less daunting but in fact, making it quite fun.

In order to write the best High School Book Report it is important to understand the purpose of such a report. The purpose is actually very simple; it details a condensed summary of the book with a focus on the main events and ideas that the author has conveyed. This will be particularly useful to any potential individuals interested in reading the book as this information should be enough for them to make a decision on whether or not this book would interest them.

A High School Book Report template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write a High School Book Report?

If you are considering writing a High School Book Report, before you start writing you need a brief plan in your head even before you begin reading the book itself. It may be worth trying to keep in mind the following ideas when reading any book that you need to report on:

  • Take your time with reading, avoid rushing. This can be tempting, particularly if the book is big but you need to explore the finer details;
  • Annotate anything interesting as you go along. A phrase, a sentence, a character, settings and events - anything that could provide you with ideas on what to write about;
  • Highlight any quotations that can be used to back up your arguments.

Once you have done this and have decided on which areas you want to focus on, we would suggest using the structure below to form your report:

  • Create a title page with the name of your book, your own name, and your class;
  • Write a short introduction about the book. Note, this does not mean the description of the text - it refers to facts about the book, when it was written, along with any useful political or historical context;
  • Analyze the characters and their relationships - do not forget to write their names. Talk about their personal traits and you can find some quotes to back up your point of view;
  • Summarize the plot but only very briefly with a focus on the major incidents;
  • The main bulk of the text will come next - the analysis. Here you need to analyze the main ideas, themes, and relate this to the significance of the book. What was the author trying to say when conveying this? Why did they choose to do this? Link all of your points to the main themes throughout;
  • Finish by concluding. In this section, you can provide a short summary of the themes and plot of the book. You can also outline how the book ended and what mark this left on you as a reader which will tie up the end of your report quite nicely.

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