Student Observation Form - Tables

Student Observation Form - Tables

Student Observation Form: What Is It?

A Student Observation Form is a special form that is often filled in by teachers, or sometimes by an independent observer, to evaluate a particular student in their class. The observation should be fair and should reflect various different aspects of the student - not necessarily just their academic success. An observation may be requested for several reasons.

Other aspects that teachers take into account when writing up the Student Observation Form is outlined below:

  • The behavior of the student. How well they behave during class and outside of the classroom;
  • Intellect and academic success of the child. The areas that they struggle with along with any areas that they are extremely confident in and tend to do well in;
  • Their skills for studying and methods that they respond to. All students can learn differently and there are four main learning styles in total;
  • The socialization skills that the child possesses and how well they interact with their fellow peers.

Apart from the observed aspects, teachers will also be required to provide the following information on the form:

  • The name of the student along with the name of the person observing and/or name of the teacher, depending on who is carrying out the observation;
  • The date, time, and location of the observation;
  • An explanation as to why the observation took place and if this was requested by someone, details about this should also be provided.

A Student Observation template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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