What Is a Bond Quote?

What Is a Bond Quote

If you plan to invest in bonds, you need to understand how to get and read a Bond Quote before you make a large purchase. Just like other Business Quotes, the information contained in the quote lets the bondholders and potential investors investigate the value of the bond before the sale and purchase of the bond is finalized, and they can be sure they have made an informed decision. To make a safe investment and get a stable stream of income, consider investing in bonds and learning about them through Bond Quotes.

What Is a Bond Quote?

A Bond Quote is a document that establishes the price of the bond agreed by the seller and the purchaser at the time of trading. It lists the essential terms and characteristics of the bond and serves as a formal disclosure that verifies financial information about the bond issuer, the purpose of the bond, and the date the principal and interest on the bond will be repaid.

Alternate Names:

  • Bond Quotation;
  • Bond Price Quote.

Bonding companies often offer their long-term and prospective clients an opportunity to get an estimate and obtain a Bond Quote with the help of a Bond Quote Calculator: to find out the bond rate, you need to indicate the type of the bond, your location, the amount of the bond, and the credit score.

How to Read a Bond Quote?

Bond Quotations depend on several factors - credit rating, interest rates, relevant supply, and demand. If the quote reflects the current value, you will be able to see whether it is trading at a discount or premium. There are several ways to read a Bond Quote:

  1. The bond price is quoted as a percentage of face value. For instance, a $1,000 bond selling at 970 means it is selling at 97% of its face value - therefore, it is quoted at 97.
  2. The Bond Quotation can be analyzed through its yield - the annual income investors receive from the bond divided by its current price. If you are discussing different bonds at the same time, it is easier to compare them using yield and not the price.
  3. Learn about the Bond Price Quote by finding out the difference between the yield and the treasury yield. The yield value shows the potential gain or the return rate you can get if you hold the bond until it reaches maturity. For instance, if a trader is offering a bond at "+140" and the yield of the treasury is 3%, the yield on the bond in question will be 4,40%.

A Bond Quotation can also contain additional details like the bid price (the maximum price the investors are ready to pay), the ask price (the price offered by the seller), the bid-ask spread (the difference between the bid price and the ask price), coupon (the constant interest rate paid by the issuer to the lender), and the maturity date (the day it will be possible to get the principal amount of the bond).

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