How to Follow Up on a Quote?

quote follow up

To attract and retain a customer, a sales company often sends them a quote - a formal document issued upon the client's request to list the prices the business asks for their goods or services. This statement signifies the preparedness of the seller to commit to the deal under the terms listed in writing whether or not the final version of the agreement is ready at the moment. Once the client receives a quote, they usually spend several working days to review the offer and make up their mind - if you did not get a response from them after four or five days, you should send a Quote Follow-Up Letter in order to remind the recipient you are eager to start a professional relationship with them as soon as they get back to you.

How to Follow Up on a Quote?

A Follow-Up Quote Letter will demonstrate the person or organization you want to do business with your professionalism and strengthen the rapport between you and the client especially if the quote was the first letter you have ever sent them. Besides, a short note that reminds the customer about you will not take much time and you will be able to show you care about communicating your wishes and remain serious about signing an agreement with the potential client.

To follow up on a quote, you need to send a letter to the same addressee that received your initial proposal, adjust the message if any new circumstances have come to light - for instance, your competitor may have offered a client more affordable prices, and focus on the future - instead of asking why the other party has not replied yet, emphasize your desire to negotiate and work with the client.

How to Write a Follow-Up Email After a Quote?

Here are some tips for you if you need to draft a Quote Follow-Up Email:

  1. Refer to your previous correspondence - the other party should be reminded about the letter you sent them so indicate the date you sent them the latest email and ask the prospective client whether they received it and examined your business proposal.
  2. Mention the quote in the subject line of the letter and add the name of the client to increase the chances of them opening your email faster.
  3. Make sure you express your ideas and plans briefly - you have already presented your product to the customer, the purpose of the Quote Follow-Up Letter is simply to give the client another chance to consider working with you, so your statement does not have to exceed two or three short paragraphs.
  4. Choose an appropriate time to send an email - it is likely the recipient will check their inbox in the middle of the week while a Friday email may remain unread for several more days.

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