Convey Property Templates

When it comes to transferring ownership of a property, various legal documents are required to ensure a smooth and lawful process. This collection of documents, also known as convey property or property conveyance, is essential for buyers, sellers, and legal professionals involved in real estate transactions. These documents serve as the foundation of a legally-binding agreement, setting out the terms and conditions of the transfer of ownership.

From motions for license to sell or convey personal property to special warranty deed forms for real estate transactions, this collection covers a wide range of documents needed for property conveyance. Whether you are buying or selling real estate, these documents play a crucial role in protecting your rights and interests throughout the transaction.

In the state of Vermont, for example, the Form PE37 Motion for License to Sell or Convey Personal Property and the Form 700-00035 Motion for License to Sell or Convey Real Estate are commonly used to obtain the necessary license for property sales. Similarly, the Form 700-00086 License to Sell or Convey Real Estate or Personal Property is a versatile document in Vermont that covers both real estate and personal property transactions.

For those involved in real estate transactions in Nevada, the Special Warranty Deed Form is a commonly used document to convey property with limited warranties. This form ensures that the seller guarantees that they have clear title to the property and that they will defend against any claims that may arise.

In Rhode Island, the Form CVYT-2 Acquired Real Estate Company Conveyance Tax Return is an important document used to report and pay conveyance taxes on the transfer of real estate company ownership. This document helps the state accurately calculate and collect taxes associated with the conveyance of real estate businesses.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or legal professional involved in property transactions, having access to a comprehensive collection of conveyance documents is essential. These documents provide the framework for a secure and legitimate transfer of property ownership, ensuring that both parties are protected and their rights are upheld throughout the process.




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This form is used for applying for a license to sell or transfer personal property in the state of Vermont.

Are you looking to transfer property using a Special Warranty Deed? Complete this printable template when drafting your own Deed in the state of Nevada.

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