Hiring Paperwork Templates

Are you an employer looking to onboard new employees? We understand that hiring new talent can be an overwhelming process, which is why we have streamlined the hiring paperwork for you. Our comprehensive collection of documents simplifies the hiring process and ensures that all necessary paperwork is completed efficiently.

With our hiring paperwork collection, you can easily access essential forms such as the New Hire Rate of Pay Form, which allows you to specify the salary details for your new employees. Additionally, the New Director Hiring Form enables you to recruit top talent for key leadership positions, providing you with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

In addition to these forms, we also offer the Form SF-1402 Certificate of Appointment. This document acknowledges the official appointment of an employee and serves as a legal record of their hiring. Furthermore, our collection includes the Exceptional Hire Form, specifically designed for municipal organizations like the City of Dallas, Texas, to identify exceptional candidates who stand out from the rest.

We also understand the unique requirements of certain locations, which is why we provide specialized forms like the New Employee/Driver Form for New York City. This form covers the specific regulations and policies related to hiring employees who will be driving as part of their job responsibilities.

Streamline your hiring process today with our comprehensive collection of hiring paperwork. Our user-friendly forms and documents help ensure that you meet all legal requirements while efficiently onboarding new employees. Don't let paperwork overwhelm your hiring process – let us assist you in making it seamless and stress-free.




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This type of document is used for individuals to apply for employment positions. It includes personal information, work history, education, and references.

This form is used for setting the rate of pay for new hires in a company.

This document is used for hiring a new director. It pertains to the October enrollment period in Arizona with 10,000 or more students.

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