Police Forms and Templates

Police Forms are official documents used by law enforcement agencies to gather, record, and manage various types of information related to law enforcement activities. These forms serve multiple purposes, such as documenting incident reports, recording witness statements, authorizing the release of personal information, conducting background checks, and facilitating administrative procedures within police departments. Police Forms help maintain accurate and organized records, ensuring the efficient functioning of law enforcement agencies and the legal system as a whole.




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This form is used for individuals in Maryland who want to apply to become a regulated firearms collector. It includes an application and affidavit that must be completed.


This form is used for requesting a background check in Michigan using livescan fingerprint technology. It is required for various purposes such as employment, licensing, and volunteer work.

This Form is used for conducting name-based criminal background checks in the state of Idaho. It helps employers and organizations to check the criminal history of individuals by searching for their name in the Idaho criminal records database.

This document is used to provide information and requirements for individuals or businesses engaged in the buying, selling, or trading of precious metals or stones in the state of Connecticut. It outlines the necessary steps and regulations for becoming a licensed dealer in this field.

This form is used for applying for a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit in the state of New Jersey.

This form is used for obtaining consent to search mental health records in the state of New Jersey.

This Form is used for applying for the registration and titling of vehicles in the state of Massachusetts.

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