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A Nebraska Vehicle Bill of Sale is a formal contract prepared and signed by the seller and the buyer to confirm their intention to sell and purchase any motor vehicle in the state of Nebraska.

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  • Nebraska Car Bill of Sale. 

This document is beneficial for both parties - the former owner will no longer bear responsibility for the item, and the purchaser will be able to put their name on the certificate of title to verify their ownership legally. A bill of sale will confirm the condition of the vehicle at the time of the sale and allows the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to register the transaction in their records.

Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Nebraska?

You cannot register a motor vehicle in Nebraska without a completed and signed Nebraska Vehicle Bill of Sale that identifies the parties, describes the vehicle and states its price. One of the Nebraska Vehicle Bill of Sale requirements is the presence of the notary seal - the parties must appear in front of the notary public to make their bill of sale valid. To formalize the transfer of ownership, the buyer will also need to present proof of insurance and an odometer disclosure statement, pay registration fees, and excise tax on the vehicle in question.

If the vehicle can only be used for parts and scrap or its title was surrendered to the Nebraska DMV or any other DMV, you can fill out the Nebraska Parts Vehicle Bill of Sale Form instead.

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"Bill of Sale for Vehicle" - Nebraska

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Download this official Nebraska document that outlines the details of the sale and purchase of a vehicle from the seller to the buyer. You can also use this form as a Watercraft Bill of Sale for motorboats.

"Parts Vehicle Bill of Sale" - Nebraska

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