Office Cleaning Checklist: What Is It? 

An Office Cleaning Checklist refers to a written document that records the tasks to be carried out in order to keep the workplace clean and organized. This document is essential for any business that renders cleaning services - their employees will see what is expected of them and organize their work to comply with performance standards implemented in their company.

However, you may use a checklist if you ask your employees to take care of their desks and the area that surrounds them - a list of several important chores that do not take much time every week will help you to maintain the cleanliness in the workplace - alternatively, you can specify the job of the cleaning crew you employ.

You may see a full list of Office Cleaning Checklist templates by checking out our library below.

Office Cleaning Checklist Template Types 

  • An Office Cleaning Checklist is a generic template you may use to list all the tasks that must be carried out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep the workplace clean. It will be enough to create this document if your working area is relatively small and employees are able to take care of the cleaning themselves;
  • Daily Office Cleaning Checklist Template. There are chores that have to be done every day to ensure the office looks presentable to employees, their supervisors, and workplace visitors - wipe off the dust from all the surfaces that are touched every day, take out the trash, wash the dishes in the kitchen area, and you will remember them all if you use this Office Cleaning Checklist template;
  • A Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist is needed to monitor the performance of the janitor that typically comes at the end of the working week to take care of the tasks that do not require everyday attention - cleaning all the glass surfaces, vacuuming the floor, cleaning electronic devices and appliances.

What Is Included in Office Cleaning?

Follow these tips to make sure your office is clean and sanitized: 

  1. Create an Office Cleaning Checklist - a simple table that indicates the chores, the name of the individual responsible for it, and boxes to check once the task is carried out should be sufficient. 
  2. The frequency of the cleaning differs from office to office - some places are clean enough so that the employees can empty dustbins and devote around 10-15 minutes every week to clean their work area. However, if you need a thorough cleaning to be done daily, it typically means sweeping floors and vacuuming carpets and rugs, dusting all horizontal surfaces you can reach easily, disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom, and checking if there are paper towels and soap available.
  3. If you were asked to draft an Office Deep Cleaning Checklist, you should add tasks like vacuuming drapes and blinds, dusting vents, and sanitizing regularly used surfaces to the document. Depending on the wishes of the office administrator or the condition of the workplace, the deep cleaning may be performed every month or several times a year - it is also possible to hire professional cleaners ahead of an important visit or after an office party.

How to Estimate Office Cleaning Prices?

If you want to improve the quality of the cleaning services your company renders, you should offer your clients a reasonable price list that will allow you to stand among competitors on the market. Although approximate estimations are possible, note that you cannot tell the customer the final price before the office is inspected - reach out to them to find out how large the place is and if there are any special services the client needs like a deep cleaning of carpets. This way, you will also figure out the budget of the client and learn if they need your services weekly or this is a one-time job. Here is what you should do when negotiating the prices with the client:

  1. Ask the client what they want to be done. While cleaning services usually have a professional Office Cleaning Checklist available, modifications to it are certainly possible with the consent of both parties.
  2. If the office is small and there is not much work to be done, you may tell your customer you will charge a flat rate. Otherwise, it makes more sense to charge per square foot or per hour. While it may be useful to refer to average prices appropriate for your industry and area, make your rates unique in line with your experience and feedback you have received in the past.
  3. Compute the cost of labor, equipment, and travel. You need to be sure you are making a profit so price your services accordingly - for instance, if your cleaning crew has to travel far for the job, you may be forced to spend more money than you initially expect so do your best to optimize the route for your employees.

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