Office Cleaning Checklist Template

Office Cleaning Checklist Template

Office Cleaning Checklist: What Is It?

An Office Cleaning Checklist would be extremely useful for individuals that are running an office. Having such a document in place will ensure that the office remains spotless, tidy and well-organized. You will automatically provide a comfortable and pleasant working environment for your colleagues and in turn, this will lead to increased productivity.

To ensure that everything is cleaned thoroughly and that nothing is missed, you should form a Checklist for Office Cleaning. This will make it easy for any individual to know exactly what needs to be cleaned and when, which is particularly useful if you have a new staff member. You may want to create a generic checklist for everyday cleaning tasks and a more detailed weekly or even monthly Office Deep Cleaning Checklist to make sure the deeper areas of the workplace are also cared for.

Some offices may choose to delegate specific cleaning responsibilities between colleagues while others may hire a professional cleaning company that will usually have their own Professional Office Cleaning Checklist. We would still recommend cross-checking their checklist with your specific requirements so that the cleaning company can adapt to your needs.

An Office Cleaning Checklist template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


Office Cleaning Checklist: How to Make?

Making a Checklist for Office Cleaning is very simple and not time-consuming, particularly if you use one of our downloadable templates that will already have the necessary structure. A good checklist will cover every inch of your office and will also contain specific details regarding what cleaning jobs need doing and how often.

We have prepared a list of things to consider when forming your own Office Cleaning Checklist:

  • Download a template for your daily cleaning jobs . If you need a separate checklist for weekly or monthly tasks, you can simply edit the existing template and include the relevant information;
  • Give the document an appropriate title so that it is clear what the purpose of the document is;
  • Next to the day/week/month, you should detail all of the tasks that need to be completed during that time period;
  • To the right of the tasks, you should provide a separate column where members of staff can sign off as well as include the date and time that the task was completed . This will make it easier to track the completion of the job and also find out who the responsible individual is;
  • When writing the tasks, we would recommend grouping them based on category . For example, if you start with cleaning an office workspace, you should outline all the cleaning tasks associated with that specific area. Next, you may want to move on to cleaning the toilets which again, should include all the tasks that need to be completed in the toilets.

This is important as it can save the cleaner a sufficient amount of time. If you opt to randomly list cleaning duties, it could mean the cleaner going back and forth from one space to the next which is not time efficient. It is best to complete one whole area before moving on to the next.

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