Post Construction Cleaning Checklist Template

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist Template

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist: What Is It?

A Post Construction Cleaning Checklist is a written document that contains the tasks to accomplish and challenges to tackle when dealing with the construction project clean-up.

Alternate Name:

  • Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist.

Whether you are a part of a construction crew or you represent a company that renders Post Construction Cleaning services, a list of tasks will be indispensable when you are identifying what is to be done to get rid of all the dirt and junk and submit a complete project. Newly finished projects have a lot of dust so if you do not handle the cleaning properly, you might have to deal with health issues in the future. Furthermore, if you do not remove all the object that do not belong to the space that was remodeled, they may become an obstacle for people unfamiliar with their location. Consider including the cleaning in the key scope of work performed by the construction workers during your negotiations with them or hire an independent cleaning company to have unhindered access to the space as quickly as possible.

You can download a Post Construction Cleaning Checklist template through the link below.


How Much Does Post Construction Cleaning Cost?

While construction clean-up costs usually differ from state to state and depend on many factors such as the size of the commercial real estate, house, or apartment to be cleaned, the equipment the workers will use, and the accessibility of the property, expect to pay around $350-650 for the job. Certain business will charge you per square foot, others will ask for hourly rates or a flat fee. Besides, you may invite more than one cleaner to help you with the clean-up meaning the rates will be higher. Reach out to several local cleaning companies to request their Post Construction Cleaning rates, find out what supplies and tools they use, and learn how long it will take for them to clean your space - experienced cleaners will be able to assist you no matter the size of the property or the difficulty of cleaning.

What Does Post Construction Cleaning Include?

Here is what a Post Construction Cleaning scope of work usually comprises:

  1. Preparing tools, supplies, and equipment you will need. Whether you choose to do the clean-up on your own or you were hired by a project owner, examine the space before you go to the store and get all the necessary items - gloves, detergents, buckets, brooms, trash bags, spray bottles.
  2. Removing all of the objects that do not belong to the renovation project. Since most commercial and residential premises imply empty spaces, everything that is not attached to the ceiling, walls, and floor should be taken out of the room, apartment, house, office, or store. Collect the leftovers, packaging boxes, plastic, tape.
  3. Cleaning the surfaces when all the irrelevant items are removed. A thorough cleaning is essential - even if the property seems clean, there can be invisible toxins, mold, and dust that will damage the health and safety of everyone who will enter the room.
  4. Ventilating all the rooms where the construction took place. It will allow you to expel the remaining bacteria and unpleasant smells. The simplest way to do it is, obviously, opening the windows but if it is not enough or the room does not have any windows, you may bring an air mover, fan, or air purifier - the latter option is preferable for spaces that will be constantly occupied by people.
  5. Disposing of the trash. The best way to do it is to collect all the trash outside the property in question and take it to garbage cans or recycling bins depending on the available options and the contents of trash bags.

How to Do Post Construction Cleaning?

Follow these steps to do proper Post Renovation Cleaning:

  1. Get rid of the construction debris. Note that if anything can be recycled or reused, you can save money especially if you are planning to work on another project in the future and be environmentally responsible.
  2. Once the space is empty, work on all the surfaces - the floor, walls, and ceiling - to handle the smudges and stains. If the construction project involved the use of materials, supplies, and substances harmful for the safety of people that will use the space, make sure you use detergents and water.
  3. Sweep the floors or use a vacuum cleaner - the dirt and the remains of cleaning agents must be removed.
  4. Add finishing touches to ensure you are satisfied with the job. Even after a deep cleaning, you will see the dust has settled, there are fingerprints and spots all over the place. Use a reusable cloth or wet wipes to clean visible and accessible surfaces before the project is submitted.

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