Free House Cleaning Checklist Templates

A House Cleaning Checklist refers to a written tool of tasks and chores that are routinely or occasionally performed in residential real estate.

Alternate Names:

  • Home Cleaning Checklist;
  • House Cleaning Schedule.

Whether you are looking for a way to speed up the cleaning of the house, regularly renting out your place to different people, or carrying out construction work, House Checklist templates created to streamline an in-depth and efficient cleaning of the property will help you.

House Cleaning Checklist Template Types

  • Daily House Cleaning Checklist Template. It may be tiring to tidy up the entire house once a week or month - reduce the scope of work by doing the chores listed in this document on a daily basis;
  • A Move Out Cleaning Checklist Template is generally used by tenants to clean the place they currently rent before they permanently leave it - show the landlord the apartment or house is in proper condition;
  • House Cleaning Checklist Template. This is a generic instrument household members should fill out when they take care of the place they reside in - the tasks range from washing the dishes to dusting the blinds;
  • A Move In Cleaning Checklist Template is used by people that spend the first days in their new residence - make sure the apartment or house is in order with the help of this tool;
  • Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Template. If you rent out your real estate whether it is an entire house or a spare room to travelers, you may inform the guests about the chores they are supposed to do or optimize the cleaning upon their checkout;
  • A Bedroom Cleaning Checklist Template is completed by the individual who is supposed to maintain cleanliness in the area they regularly sleep - comply with the list for your own physical and mental health;
  • Living Room Cleaning Checklist Template. You may examine this document to figure out what chores are essential when it comes to cleaning the common area of the residence and discuss with other people that share the space with you who is going to keep it clean;
  • A Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Template is necessary for every household - you will be able to save time and energy by organizing the area where you cook food and often eat and prevent diseases and infections from spreading;
  • Post Construction Cleaning Checklist Template. Once the apartment or house is ready after major repairs or renovation, the construction crew or the owners of the place should confirm the property is safe to live in and all the requirements of the customer are complied with.

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This document is a template for a weekly cleaning checklist. It helps you stay organized and ensure all cleaning tasks are completed regularly.

This document provides a template for a weekly chore checklist to help you stay organized and keep track of your household tasks.

This document provides a daily cleaning checklist template that helps you stay organized and ensure all necessary cleaning tasks are completed.


This document provides a template for creating a cleaning and home checklist. It includes sections for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to help keep your home organized and clean. Use this template to stay on top of household chores and ensure that your living space is tidy and well-maintained.

This type of document is a daily cleaning checklist template that guides you through six essential tasks to do every day to maintain a clean and organized space. It is provided by Greenfrog Cleaning.

This document is a weekly cleaning checklist designed for busy moms who want to maintain a clean and healthy home. It provides a list of tasks to be completed on a weekly basis to ensure a clean living environment.

This template lists all household chores that need to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your home tidy.

This template lists household cleaning tasks that need to be done on a daily, weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

This type of template can be used as a list of chores and practices every Airbnb host should monitor when a guest is checking out.

This type of template can be used to make sure that bathrooms within a property or office are kept in pristine condition.

This an informal template that outlines the actions to take and housework to do when cleaning the room whose main function is to be a sleeping space.

This type of template helps you divide up your cleaning workload into a logical, chronological sequence where you will complete certain cleaning tasks every day.

This is a written document that outlines the upcoming cleaning of a residential property and indicates how often the appropriate level of cleanliness is maintained on the premises.

This type of template is used to keep tight control over the cleanliness of a kitchen within a property or business, ensuring that the kitchen is in ideal condition.

An individual may use this type of template to keep control of the cleanliness and tidiness of a living room within a house, making sure that the living room is spotless.

For those individuals looking to move into their new home, they should ensure that they have this type of template on hand to make sure that the home they are moving into is clean and tidy.

By using this type of template, you will ensure that every inch of the property is covered - showing what jobs have been completed, in which locations, and which jobs are still outstanding.

An individual may use this type of template to see the tasks to accomplish and challenges to tackle when dealing with the construction project clean-up.

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