Free Missouri Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

A Missouri Bill of Sale is a document that provides legal evidence that the seller has transferred the rights to the personal property in question to the purchaser in exchange for a certain sum of money. It verifies the sale and purchase and identifies the buyer as the new owner of the property.

  1. Missouri Generic Bill of Sale is a document that provides important information about the item being sold and purchased and personal details of the parties to the agreement.
  2. Missouri Firearm Bill of Sale is a document used to record the sale and purchase of any gun.
  3. Missouri Bill of Sale for Vehicle, Boat or Outboard Motor, also known as Missouri Form 1957, is a document that outlines information about the sale and purchase of any motor vehicle, watercraft, trailer, or outboard motor. Form 5049, Notice of Sale or Transfer may be used instead of the bill of sale in Missouri when applying for a title on a newly purchased vehicle to obtain a 180-day sales tax credit.

Missouri Bill of Sale Requirements

  1. All Missouri Bills of Sale must contain the date of creation. However, if the purchaser pays for the item on a different day, it is recommended to mention it in the section about the payment;
  2. Include full legal names of the buyer and the seller along with their legal addresses. You should also list their driver's license numbers to make the identification process easier;
  3. Write down the description of the item. Specify its color and size, serial or registration number, make and model. If the property is sold with a power cable or charger, put it in writing as well;
  4. It is necessary to add a seller's disclosure. The seller must inform the buyer of any problems or faults the item has, even the minor ones, such as chips or scratches;
  5. Provide information about the sum of money paid and the method of payment;
  6. Finally, sign the papers. Both parties retain copies of the completed document for their personal records, and the purchaser will use the original document to register the item if necessary.

Do I Need a Notarized Bill of Sale in Missouri?

Generally, the State of Missouri does not require the parties to the bill of sale to sign the documents in the presence of a notary public. Once the papers that comply with the aforementioned requirements are signed, they become valid and serve as a proof the transaction took place. However, Form 1957 must be notarized to show proof of ownership on major component parts of a rebuilt vehicle or when the Missouri Department of Revenue specifically requests the notarization.




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This form is used to document various important details about the sale of personal property items except for the car or boat (e.g., electronics, furniture, livestock, and others). The State of Missouri does not have any official forms you can use in this case, do use our template.

Download this form when you sell or buy a gun, so you may document the fact of a firearm transfer. This form usually includes important information for easy identification of the seller, the buyer, and the sold firearm.

This form is the official state template issued by the Missouri Department of Revenue. It is used to verify and confirm the sale of a vehicle or a boat. It also provides essential information about the car/boat and the terms and conditions of sale.


Use this document to inform the Department of Revenue that you transferred ownership of a vehicle. This legal notice demonstrates the agreement of the parties, protects the seller and the purchaser in case any disputes occur after the sale, and proves the payment was made.

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