Project Proposal Template


Project Proposal Template
1. Basic information
1.1 Peer-to-Peer Partnership number: given by the Program coordinator
1.2 Project title:
1.3 Area:
□ Budget management reforms, e.g. performance-informed budgeting
□ Human resource management reforms
□ Reforms to improve service delivery
□ Reforms to improve inter-governmental relations
□ E-government
□ Strengthening of custom and tax collection agencies
1.4 Partner(s) information and contact details:
Name of partner institution from recipient
Name of partner institution from partner
Name of project leader:
Name of project leader 2:
Telephone number:
Telephone number:
1.5 Total cost: estimated funding requested
2. Project description
2.1 Background and justification
Briefly explain the rationale for the partnership, the need for improvements in this particular
public sector management area, the efforts that have been undertaken so far and the value-
added that the partnership is expected to bring.
2.2 Contribution to the national development plan or the strategy of the recipient country’s
public administration
2.3 Linked projects (other national and international initiatives)
Briefly describe earlier activities and projects in this area in the recipient country’s public
administration, showing any connections with each other and this project.
Briefly describe any relevant current activities being undertaken by other parties, such as the
national government of the recipient country or other international institutions.
3. Overall objective(s)
Describe the long-term social and/or economic impact (benefits) to which the project will
contribute, and describe why the project is important for the recipient country and for
society. The overall objective is not expected to be achieved by this project alone; external
factors outside the scope of the project are important for the fulfillment of the overall

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