Form DPS-3-C Sale or Transfer of All Firearms - Connecticut

This version of the form is not currently in use and is provided for reference only. Download this version of Form DPS-3-C for the current year.

Form DPS-3-C Sale or Transfer of All Firearms - Connecticut

Connecticut Firearm Bill of Sale (Form DPS-3-C)

Form DPS-3-C, Sale or Transfer of All Firearms is a written document that records the legal transfer of any firearm (rifles, pistols, or other similar assault weapons that fall under the category of legal handguns) between two parties, a seller and a buyer. In accordance with Connecticut firearm laws and regulations, this legal instrument acts as proof that a purchase took place. It contains personal information of both parties, establishes the history of the item, and describes its current condition. Since selling a gun in Connecticut requires the seller and the buyer to express mutual consent to the purchase, drafting a proper bill of sale is a good idea not just for the recordkeeping. You also can avoid any possible questions in the future, and protect yourself from possible disagreements or disputes.

The form - also known as the Connecticut Firearm Bill of Sale - was issued by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection . The latest version of the form was released on June 30, 2013 , with all previous editions obsolete. You can download a fillable version of Form DPS-3-C through the link below.


Does a Firearm Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in Connecticut?

Form DPS-3-C is a legal state-released form that does not have to be notarized in order to make it official.

CT DPS-3-C Related Forms

There are several forms related to the Firearm Bill of Sale. They provide the license to carry weapons, educate individuals on the renewal of pistol permits, and allow the registration of ammunition and large-capacity magazines.

  1. Form DPS-799-C, Eligibility Certificate/Temporary State Permit to Carry Pistols or Revolvers/Non-Resident Permit to Carry Pistols or Revolvers is a document that lets the individual apply for an eligibility certificate or pistol permit. It includes the contact information of the applicant, and requires the individual to disclose the information related to the employment, medical, criminal, and military history, along with the verification of the course in the safety and use of pistols and revolvers or long guns;
  2. Form DPS-769-C, Instructions to Applicant contains the particulars about the renewal of pistol certificates and permits. Pistol permits can be new, renewed in-person, or by mail. Along with the form, the applicant is asked to pay a fee and provide proof of being lawfully and legally present in the United States;
  3. Form DESPP-417-C, Application for Ammunition Certificate serves as an application for the purchase of the ammunition and firearms. It outlines the details of the individual's criminal record and mental health;
  4. Form DESPP-788-C, Declaration of Large Capacity Magazine(s) is the document that allows the individual to state the ownership of the high capacity magazine. It involves the submission of a sales receipt to show the purchase took place and the description of the magazine: its make, type, capacity, and number;
  5. Form DESPP-416-C-1, Transfer of Large Capacity Magazine(s) requires every firearm dealer licensed federally to submit evidence about the transfer of large-capacity magazines to the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit (SLFU);
  6. Form DPS-67-C, Application to Purchase a Firearm is the first document you must complete when buying a handgun. It identifies the weapon type, contains the contact information of the individual along with the criminal and medical history, and requires the seller's signature to become legitimate;
  7. Form DPS-414-С, Assault Weapon Certificate Application is necessary to submit a request to become a legal owner of the assault weapon. Generally, only law enforcement officers and military personnel are allowed to use those firearms.

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