Bill of Sale of Boat / Motor - Louisiana

Bill of Sale of Boat / Motor - Louisiana

What Is a Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale?

The Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale - officially called the Bill of Sale of Boat/Motor - is an official state-issued form that is filled out to document the transfer of watercraft and motor from a seller to a buyer. It corroborates the fact of the sale and provides basic details of the deal. The document was released by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Download the Louisiana Boat Bill of Sale through the link provided below.

The Bill of Sale for a boat is an important document in the state of Louisiana. It is required to transfer the ownership of a boat from one party to the other. If filled out according to all state requirements, it is accepted by all government agencies. It can also be used to prove ownership of the described boat or to release the previous owner from responsibility for the watercraft and its use.


How to Sell a Boat in Louisiana?

Completing a Bill of Sale for a boat in Louisiana is an essential part of the sales process. If you want to be sure your document is valid and protects the legal interests of both the seller and the buyer, check that it contains the following information:

  1. Name of the parish the document is signed in;
  2. Full legal name of the seller;
  3. Full legal name of the buyer;
  4. If the watercraft is registered, the registration number must be indicated;
  5. Description of the sold boat: the model year, manufacturer, and the hull identification number. If you sell a motor, include the motor serial number as well;
  6. Sales price of the boat. If a motor is included in the sale, indicate its price separately in the corresponding field;
  7. Date of sale;
  8. Seller's warranty that neither boat nor its attached accessories are under any mortgage or lien;
  9. Date when the document was signed.

After you sell your watercraft, you have 15 days from the date of sale to notify the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries about the deal. To transfer the ownership of your boat, you have to submit an original notarized document proving watercraft ownership, Boat Registration/Boat and Motor Title Application, current Louisiana registration number, original Bill of Sale for Boat/Motor properly notarized, and surrender the title (if the boat is titled). The numbers issued to your boat will be transferred to the new owner. You can submit all documents either by mail or in person.

Do Louisiana Boat Bills of Sale Have to Be Notarized?

Yes, Louisiana law demands that the document must be signed by a seller and a buyer in front of a notary public. After both parties sign the Bill of Sale, the notary public must certify the Bill of Sale. Without notarization, the document is not considered valid and is not accepted by any government agency.

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