DA Form 3437 Certificate of Medical Examination

What Is DA Form 3437?

DA Form 3437, Department of the Army Nonappropriated Funds - Certificate of Medical Examination is an official form used to record the results of a pre-employment physical examination of NAF employees. The certificate can also be used during periodic job-related physical tests. An up-to-date DA Form 3437 fillable version is available for filing and download below or can be found through the Army Publishing Directorate website.

The certificate is necessary for positions that may require the employee to:

  • Operate motor vehicles;
  • Have direct physical contact with people (especially when applying for childcare-related positions);
  • Work underground, in dangerous conditions, or around power-driven machinery;
  • Undergo exertion, dangerous duty, or excessive physical demands;
  • Be in contact with food that will be consumed by others.

The most recent version of the form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DD Form 3437 - was released by the Department of the Army (DA) in August 2016 with the previous editions obsolete.


How to Fill Out DA Form 3437?

The medical certificate, in general, is a written statement from a medical work which describes results of a medical examination. It can be used as a sick note or as evidence of a certain health condition.

Procedural guidelines and additional information can be found in the AR 215-3, Nonappropriated Funds Instrumentalities Personnel Policy, released in September 2015. Specific DA Form 3437 instructions are as follows:

  1. Personnel working in childcare-related positions must undergo annual medical assessments that include a TB skin test, a chest X-ray, be vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio with all results recorded on their DA 3437.
  2. Along with the original certificate, the civil employee's personnel folder must contain the following forms:
  3. A DA Form 3437 is authorized for filing in the Civilian employee medical records folder. The Civilian employee medical records folder - or CEMR, for short - may be maintained either in the terminal digit filing system DA 3444 forms or the Standard Form 66D during the entire course of working with the Department of the Army.

Download DA Form 3437 Certificate of Medical Examination

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