Rental Application Form - Utah

Rental Application Form - Utah

What Is a Utah Rental Application?

To help landlords better assess applicants as future renters, they can have candidates complete a Utah Rental Application. This application is designed to show that a renter can hold themself accountable for on-time rental payments and reasonable use of the rental property. A landlord should request a separate application from each potential adult tenant to check.

To complete a Rental Application Form from Utah, an applicant will need to complete the following information:

  • Name;
  • Birthdate;
  • Social Security Number;
  • Contact Information (phone and email);
  • Driver's License Information;
  • Current and Past Employment;
  • Current Gross Income;
  • Renting History;
  • Character References.

In addition, landlords can also include a series of questions asking about a potential tenant's criminal, bankruptcy, and eviction history. The rental application will also need to include the cost of the rent each month along with the cost of the application fee. Landlords can also include a cost for a security deposit and there is no limit to this amount. The final section of the application will need to include signature and date sections for both the applicant and the landlord.

You may download a free Utah Rental Application form below or use our online form builder to create a more personalized document.


Utah Rental Application Fee

There is no statutory limit for what a landlord may charge as the rental application fee and this fee is designed to cover the cost of background checks for each applicant. The purpose of the application fee is to allow the landlord to supplement the cost of a background check for each prospective tenant.

A landlord is also able to charge a security deposit and there is no state limit for how much a landlord may wish to charge for the deposit. The purpose of a security deposit is to allow the landlord to make any repairs to the property after the tenant leaves, or if a tenant breaks the agreement and the landlord must cover the cost of losing the income from the tenant until a new tenant can be found.

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