Rental Application Form - California

Rental Application Form - California

What Is a California Rental Application?

A California Rental Application is a document that states information about a potential tenant for a landlord or property manager to verify. It includes valuable details about the future renter and grants the landlord written permission to perform a tenant screening process in order to find the best possible tenant for the rental property.

A Rental Application Form from California should contain the following information:

  • Address of the rental unit in question;
  • Personal details of the applicant - full name, social security number, driver's license number, and contact information;
  • Rental history - the past residence addresses and contact details of the former landlords;
  • Employment history - add the names and contact information of your former and current employers. State your job title;
  • Financial history - enter your present monthly income and current bank balance;
  • Roommates and pets - if you plan to live with other individuals or have pets, you need to list them;
  • Personal history - if you have ever been evicted, filed for bankruptcy, or convicted of a felony, answer "yes" and explain the details;
  • Signature of the prospective tenant.

If you need a free California Rental Application form, you may download one below or compose a more personalized document using our online form builder.


California Rental Application Laws

These California laws protect future tenants from overpaying to apply for a rental unit and give them control over their credit report and background checks:

  • Application fee cap rises each year, and the landlord must provide each applicant with a written receipt that itemizes all costs;
  • It is forbidden to charge an application fee if there is no rental unit available within a reasonable period of time;
  • Married couples must pay the same fee as single applicants;
  • Potential tenants have a right to see their consumer credit reports that landlords use to screen them;
  • Once the individual completes a California Rental Application, the landlord may charge up to two months' rent for a security deposit - three months' rent if the rental unit is furnished;
  • Landlords may not refuse to rent to someone because of their race, religion, age, gender, or national origin - all tenants and potential tenants must be treated fairly.

California Rental Application Fee

In the state of California, the rental application fee is only charged if the applicant agrees to it in writing. The purpose of this money is not to provide extra income to the landlord - it is needed to ensure the applicant actually wants to rent the property and will be a responsible renter. Charge this fee during the application process to reduce the risk of anything happening to your damage or other occupants of the residence.

The rental application fee cannot exceed the landlord's actual costs of collecting information. These expenses include the actual price of the tenant screening service and the reasonable value of time the landlord spends to gather necessary details. The total maximum fee landlords are allowed to charge is $52.46. It may be higher if the rental unit warrants it. If the background check is not performed, the fee must be returned.

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