Lease Addendum to Add Tenant Template

Lease Addendum to Add Tenant Template

A Lease Addendum to Add Tenan t is an additional document signed to alter the terms of the original lease naming another person that will be allowed to reside in the rental unit or an organization that will share the commercial space the landlord owns.

Alternate Name:

  • Lease Amendment to Add Tenant.

Instead of rewriting the lease signed by the landlord and tenant, you can simply draft an addendum signed by the original parties and the new tenant who agrees to comply with the conditions of the lease having the same rights and responsibilities the other tenant or tenants do.

A Lease Addendum to Add Tenant template can be downloaded below.

To be considered enforceable, this document needs to identify the parties to the contract, confirm their intention to let the new tenant occupy the residential or commercial property, indicate the legal address of the real estate in question, refer to the original lease, certify the tenant's obligation to follow the rules established by the lease agreement, and contain the signatures of all involved individuals or companies. If the lease was notarized, you should obtain a notary seal for the addendum as well - the signed papers should be attached together to create the updated lease.

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Download Lease Addendum to Add Tenant Template

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