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Youth organizations play a vital role in shaping the lives of young individuals, providing them with opportunities to learn, grow, and develop essential life skills. These organizations create a safe and nurturing environment for young people to explore their interests, build friendships, and make a positive impact on their communities.

At our youth organization webpage, you'll find a wide range of documents and resources designed to support the needs of youth groups and their members. Whether you're involved in a Boy Scouts of America troop, a Young Women's organization, or any other similar group, we have you covered.

Our extensive collection of documents includes various forms and applications that facilitate the smooth operation of youth organizations. From individual record forms to licensing plate order forms, we strive to provide the necessary paperwork to meet your administrative needs.

Additionally, we offer resources like our Opening Exercises Sheet, a valuable tool for planning engaging and meaningful activities to kick off your youth organization meetings and events.

If you're seeking information about tax exemptions for nonprofit youth organizations, look no further. We have comprehensive guides and application forms like Form APP-134, which will help you navigate the process with ease.

Furthermore, for those interested in establishing a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps unit, we provide the DA Form 3126 Application and Contract, ensuring a streamlined approach to setting up this essential program.

With our youth organization webpage, you can access all the necessary documents and resources in one convenient location. We understand the importance of efficient administration and providing a supportive environment for young people to thrive.

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This document provides a template for a Pinewood Derby First Place Certificate. Use this template to create a certificate to award the winner of a Pinewood Derby race.

This type of document is a Boy Scouts Certificate Template. It is used for recognizing and celebrating achievements of Boy Scouts by providing a customizable template for creating certificates.

This document outlines the requirements for Cub Scouts in the years 2015-2016, as set by the Boy Scouts of America. It provides guidance on what Cub Scouts need to do to advance in their scouting journey during this time period.

This form is used for keeping individual records for Cub Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America. It helps track achievements, awards, and progress of each Cub Scout.

This form is used for obtaining permission from parents for their daughters to participate in Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois activities in the state of Illinois.

This document provides a template for Boy Scouts of America to track and record progress towards earning merit badges. It helps Scouts keep track of the requirements they have completed and the ones they still need to fulfill to earn each badge.

This document is used for organizing and conducting the opening exercises for a group of young women.

This document is a reference guide for the various insignia used in Cub Scouts, which is a program for young boys under the Boy Scouts of America organization. It provides information on the badges, patches, and other symbols that represent different achievements and ranks in Cub Scouts.


This document is used for individuals or organizations to request reimbursement for expenses incurred while participating in the 4-H program in Illinois.

This Form is used for applying for a nonprofit youth organization exemption in the state of Maine. It is for organizations seeking tax-exempt status.

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