Agent Appointment Templates

Are you in need of appointing an agent? Look no further. Our agent appointment services provide a seamless and convenient way for you to delegate authority to a trusted individual or entity. Whether you need an agent for vehicles, watercraft, mobile homes or more, we have got you covered.

Our agent appointment forms are designed to meet the specific requirements of each state. For example, the Form TR-128 Appointment of Agent for a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Mobile Home is the preferred document in Michigan. Similarly, Form PC-3.5 Appointment of Agent is commonly used in Rhode Island. In addition, we offer the Appointment of Authorized Agent form which is also applicable in Rhode Island. If you are based in Washington, D.C., you can utilize the Appointment of Agent to Accept Service of Process form.

By appointing an agent, you can save time, simplify complex processes, and ensure that your affairs are handled efficiently even when you are not physically present. Our streamlined agent appointment services are here to assist you every step of the way, eliminating any confusion or uncertainty that may arise from the appointment process.

Take control of your important matters by appointing an agent today. Our user-friendly agent appointment forms and personalized assistance ensure that you can rest easy knowing your affairs are in capable hands. Don't delay, appoint an agent and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.




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This form is used for appointing an agent by a nonresident fiduciary in the state of Tennessee.

This form is used for appointing an agent to handle property tax matters for single-family residential properties in Texas.

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