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Construction Procedures

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of construction procedures, providing you with all the essential guidelines, forms, and checklists to successfully navigate and carry out construction projects from start to finish. Our construction procedures serve as invaluable resources for developers, contractors, and construction professionals across various jurisdictions.

With our extensive library of construction procedures, you can access a wide range of documents tailored to specific regions and requirements. Whether you are involved in a project in Los Angeles County, California; New York City; or Mono County, California, we have you covered. Our documents are meticulously designed to meet local regulations, ensuring compliance and smooth construction processes.

Our construction procedures cover diverse aspects of construction activities, including self-inspection, demolition submittal certification, construction orders, special inspections, structural observations, testing agreements, and construction safety compliance. These documents help streamline processes, maintain safety standards, and ensure project success.

By leveraging our construction procedures, you can save time and effort by utilizing pre-designed forms, instructions, and checklists that are proven to be effective in the field. Our comprehensive collection aims to simplify complex procedures, making construction projects more manageable and efficient.

Explore our construction procedures today and take advantage of our reliable resources to enhance your construction practices and ensure compliance with local regulations. Discover how our collection can benefit your projects and propel your construction endeavors towards success.




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This document provides a checklist of the necessary steps to follow in the pre-construction process in Oregon. It includes information on permits, inspections, and required documentation.

This document is a checklist used to ensure all necessary steps are followed when placing a construction order on a contract in New York. It helps to ensure compliance with legal requirements and helps prevent mistakes or omissions during the process.

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