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This Form is used for reporting liquidation expenses in a specific format. It is typically used in certain financial transactions.

This Form is used for pre-applying for residency in LIHTC, Home, Rural Development, and Section 8 properties owned by Trek Development Group in Pennsylvania.

This form is used for claiming the rural job tax credit in the state of New Mexico. It is for businesses that have created jobs in rural areas and are eligible for this tax credit.

This Form is used for claiming the milk credit in South Carolina. It allows taxpayers to deduct the cost of milk products from their tax liability.

This document is an application for the Beginning Farmer Bond Program in South Dakota. This program offers financial assistance to new farmers to help them start their agricultural business.

This document is used to apply for an agricultural subdivision in the state of Maryland. It is for individuals or organizations who want to divide a piece of land into smaller agricultural lots.

This form is used for applying for a greenbelt assessment in McNairy County, Tennessee. Greenbelt assessment is a program that provides property tax incentives for landowners who maintain agricultural or forested land. By applying for this assessment, landowners can potentially lower their property taxes.

This document is for applying for the Ag-Link program in Ohio. Ag-Link is a program that provides low-interest loans to farmers for purchasing farm equipment and making improvements to their farms.

This document is a request for a match waiver for the Rural Economic Development Initiative and Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program in Florida. It allows recipients to request an exemption from the usual requirement of providing matching funds for these programs.

This document outlines the requirements for reviewing a tentative subdivision map in rural counties of Nevada. It provides guidance on the necessary steps and criteria to be met for the subdivision map to be approved.

This Form is used for applying to the Growing Forward 2 program in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It is for individuals and organizations looking to access funding and support for agriculture and agri-food projects.

This form is used for authorizing a reporting agent in Georgia to assist with tax reporting and compliance for the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development programs.

This document is a pre-application form for the Rural Workforce Housing Initiative Equity Fund in Georgia. It is used to assess eligibility and gather information from individuals or organizations seeking housing assistance in rural areas of Georgia.

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