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Everybody wants to live in a clean and tidied-up house. When doing general house cleaning, a detailed list of chores to do is the right place to start. If you do not want to get overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done, a House Cleaning Checklist will help you accomplish the job in a fast and organized way.

Alternate Name:

  • House Cleaning Schedule.

Whether you are preparing your house for guests or doing an annual spring cleaning, make sure you finish the chores according to the schedule. That way, the task will be much easier. You can download our customizable and printable House Cleaning Checklists below to prioritize your housekeeping tasks and make sure that you do not miss anything. It will help you conduct a thorough cleaning and decluttering of your house.

How to Make a House Cleaning Schedule?

Once you have your checklist for house cleaning, the main thing you have to decide is where to start. Use these checklists to break down the chores and decide on your priorities. Follow the list and check it as you clean, crossing out each chore you complete. Not only will it show your progress but it will also make you feel relaxed as you approach towards completion, especially if you are under time constraints.

It is advisable to pay more attention to the general use areas, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. They are usually the places where you will have more work to do and these are the places that should be properly maintained. Also, corridors and lobbies are used every day and should not be disregarded, and you will be able to clean them sooner than the rest of the rooms. If you do not want chores to accumulate, you may also want to consider scheduling your house cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis.



"Cleaning Form - Maple Leaf"

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Download this single-page cleaning schedule to keep track of the tidying up that needs to be done before you can leave a rented house or apartment.

"House Cleaning Checklist Template"

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This template lists all household chores that need to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your home tidy.

"6 Things to Do Everyday Cleaning Checklist Template - Greenfrog Cleaning"

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