Free Ohio Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Ohio?

An Ohio Bill of Sale is a legal document you need to fill out when selling or purchasing any items in the state of Ohio. The main purpose of this document is to establish the transfer of the goods between two parties and all the important information about the transaction. Even when it is not legally required, a bill of sale is still a very useful certificate. It is crucial for both the seller and the buyer when it comes to filing tax reports. Demonstrating this document, the buyers can prove they are the new legal owners of the sold items, while the seller uses the bill of sale as evidence that released the ex-owner from any responsibility for the transferred property.

Traditionally, a Bill of Sale in Ohio is subdivided into the following types:

  1. Generic. It is the most common document used to record the sale and purchase of personal property, furniture, electronics, and other items, for which no specific bill of sale is required. The state of Ohio does not issue any government-approved forms for this purpose.
  2. Vehicle. You may use this document when selling any motor vehicle. Identify the vehicle's model, year, and make, and write down the accurate odometer reading.
  3. Boat. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has issued a specific form you must use when selling your watercraft.
  4. Firearm. Use this document if you need to record the transfer of your handgun. No government-released forms are available for firearm sales.

Ohio Requirements for Bill of Sale

Except for the government-issued form that is needed to sell vessels, Ohio does not have any mandatory requirements for the bill of sale form. However, it is always a good idea to create a bill of sale as it will serve as a material proof of the deal. It is a receipt of purchase for the buyer and official evidence of ownership for the seller. The document becomes valid if it contains all the essential details about the deal. You should include the following information in your Ohio Bill of Sale:

  1. Full names and physical addresses of the seller and the buyer;
  2. A detailed description of the sold property. Identify the item clearly;
  3. Location and date of the transaction;
  4. Price of the item. Write down the chosen payment method as well;
  5. Signatures of both parties.

Prepare the document in two original copies - each party keeps one. Ohio Bills of Sale do not require notary public certification, but if you think you need more protection for your transaction, you can add an extra section for notarization. Instead of a notary, you are allowed to find two witnesses who sign the document as well.




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Download this official state-issued form in order to document the transfer of a vessel from the seller to the purchaser. It is required to prove ownership of the sold boat and to release the previous owner from the liability for the boat.

Download this form to document the transfer of various items of private property from one individual to another. The goods transferred through this document may include such items as furniture, animals, jewelry, electronics, and others.

Use this vehicle template if you need to record the details of the sale and purchase of a vehicle in the state of Ohio. It establishes the fact of a vehicle purchase and protects both parties from potential disagreements and fraudulent claims in the future.


Use this document in order to record the details of a gun transfer from the seller to the buyer in Ohio. If completed properly, it becomes proof of sale and purchase accepted by all government agencies.

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