Free Texas Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

A Texas Vehicle Bill of Sale (also known as a sales slip) is a type of form used statewide in motor vehicle transactions. There are, in total, four bills of sale released by state authorities:

  1. Form 130-U, Application for Texas Title and/or Registration, is a legal document used to submit an application for vehicle title and registration after the motor vehicle changed its owner. Basically, it serves as a bill of sale, because it includes all the information needed for the vehicle transaction.
  2. Form VTR-203, Salvage Vehicle Dealer Bill of Sale for a Junk Motor Vehicle, is filled out only by salvage vehicle dealers when the junk vehicle is transferred to a metal recycler.
  3. Form VTR-63, Component Part(s) Bill of Sale, is completed with Form VTR-61, Rebuilt Vehicle Statement, when you submit a new application for the motor vehicle title and this vehicle has component parts.
  4. Form VTR-207, Inventory of Component Parts Purchased/Affidavit Bill of Sale, is a supplementary form that includes a fuller description of component parts that the sold vehicle contains;
  5. Form VTR-346, Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification, is submitted within a month from the vehicle's date of sale to protect the seller from liability for criminal acts involving the vehicle.

Harris County has its own region-specific bills of sale for motor vehicles.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale for a Car in Texas?

Form 130-U, Application for Texas Title and/or Registration, is enough to demonstrate the deal took place because it shows the agreement of the parties, describes the vehicle in full detail, and transfers the title from the seller to the buyer. So, there is no need to separately fill out a traditional bill of sale.

What Info Is Required on a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Texas?

A Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale must identify the current titleholder and the applicant and outline the main characteristics of the vehicle. When selling junk vehicles, salvage vehicle dealers must certify they surrendered the vehicle title to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. If the vehicle contains component parts, it is necessary to list them and provide their inventory numbers.

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This is a supplemental document that lists the component parts of the vehicle and their inventory numbers. It is submitted with Form VTR-61, Rebuilt Vehicle Statement, when filing a new application for the vehicle title if the vehicle contains component parts.

This form is used as a supplementary document filled out by a seller and a salvage dealer to fully describe the bought component parts of the vehicle in the state of Texas.

Use this form if you are a salvage vehicle dealer and would like to transfer a junk vehicle. It contains a description of the junk vehicle, the salvage vehicle dealer, the metal recycler's personal details, as well as a description of the vehicle delivering the junk vehicle


This is a legal document used in Harris County, Texas when an individual wants to transfer ownership of their motor vehicle to another person.

This form is a legal document used in the state and known as the Texas Vehicle Bill of Sale. Use it if you wish to sell or purchase a vehicle. It is required for legal registration and operation of a vehicle in Texas.

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