Formal Condolence Letter Template

Formal Condolence Letter Template

If you are part of a business or professional organization and want to express your condolences about the recent death of an individual, you can write a Formal Condolence Letter . This letter can be written about a former employee, business partner, or member of a professional association. Be sure this letter is sent in a timely manner following the news.

Alternate Name:

  • Formal Letter of Condolence.

A Formal Condolence Letter template can be downloaded below.

To write a Formal Condolence Letter, include the following information:

  1. Your company's or organization's formal letterhead.
  2. Today's date.
  3. Opening salutation addressed to the surviving family members or spouse of the deceased individual.
  4. Begin the letter by stating that your business or organization wanted to express their condolences for [name of deceased person].
  5. If they were a member of your business, detail how important their contributions were to the business and that they will be dearly missed.
  6. Include any anecdotal stories that best highlight their hard work or positive attitude and how they created a wonderful working environment for everyone.
  7. Offer the reader support during this difficult time and a way to reach you should they need any assistance.
  8. Closing salutation.
  9. Your name, signature, and job title.

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Download Formal Condolence Letter Template

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  • Formal Condolence Letter Template – Add warmth and compassion to your condolences alongside aesthetic appeal with our downloadable Formal Condolence Letter Template.