Chase Direct Deposit Form

Chase Direct Deposit Form

A Chase Direct Deposit Form is a legal document filled in order to allow the business you are employed at to set up a direct deposit of money into a bank account belonging to you at Chase Bank (in order to transfer your salary).

Alternate Names:

  • Chase Bank Direct Deposit Form;
  • Chase Bank Direct Deposit Authorization Form;
  • Chase Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Of course, the specific details regarding how much and how often these payments are made will depend on the nature of your agreement with the employer. This is why it is important to discuss all of the conditions with your employer before signing the form and handing it over to the employer.

The main advantage of a Chase Direct Deposit is that it is much quicker and it allows you to easily keep track of any payments. It also saves time by ensuring that you do not need to visit the bank on the day you are paid - everything is sent over directly to the specified bank account.

A Chase Direct Deposit Form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Get a Direct Deposit Form From Chase?

In order to get a Direct Deposit Form from Chase, you simply need to download the .pdf document. This can also be done online through the application, but in order to prevent any errors we would recommend downloading a hard copy. After all, you do not want to specify the wrong information which could lead to problems with transferring funds. This hard copy can then be printed and filled in using your details and the details of the specific bank account in which you would like to receive funds.

The form is short, does not require much information and will not take much time to fill in. We would also recommend having your bank account detailson hand so that you do not waste any time looking for them when you come to filling in the form. If you make a mistake - it is not a problem, you can simply print off another copy and fill it in again.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit With Chase?

Setting up a Direct Deposit with Chase is extremely easy and the form is really simple for your convenience. Before you start to fill in the form, ensure that you have read and understood the information on the left hand side of the form. Then enter the following details:

  • Write the full name of the customer (the person holding the bank account) on the corresponding line;
  • Provide the full address of the customer including the zip code, state and city on the corresponding empty line;
  • Then, you will need to specify which account you want your salary to be deposited into. Here, there are two options: a checking account or a savings account. You should tick the appropriate box and enter details of the associated account number in the space provided;
  • You will also need to write down the routing number for the bank which is composed of 9 numbers and can be found on your check. If you are having trouble finding this information, you should get in touch with the bank for assistance;
  • The next step will require you to provide information about the party that will be issuing funds into the account. As this is usually the employer, you should write down the name of your employer;
  • Print your name and sign the document in the relevant fields;
  • Date the form and there you go - your Chase Direct Deposit Form is ready.

Once you have successfully completed the form and have double-checked the information to make sure that all of it is correct, you need to hand the form over to the payroll team at your place of employment. We would also recommend getting in touch with your employer in regards to this question because depending on the company, there may be additional documentation or checks required.

What Time Does Direct Deposit Hit Chase?

After you have completed the form, double-checked it, and presented it to your employer - be aware that it may take maximum two payment sequences before the direct deposit becomes effective. Generally, the payments are received relatively quickly once your employer sends the funds. The Chase Direct Deposit time will usually be the next business day between three and five o'clock in the morning.

If you have the application downloaded onto your mobile phone, you can activate alerts which will inform you about when payments have been received. If your payment is ever late, we recommend getting in touch with the bank directly as they will be able to assist you and give you the exact reason for a late payment. In most cases, this is related to the speed at which your employer processes payments.

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