Bank of America Direct Deposit Form

Bank of America Direct Deposit Form

A Bank of America Direct Deposit Form allows funds to be sent over into the bank account from an organization that is required to pay you money. This may be the company that you work for or some sort of government structure. Sending money via this method is generally quicker compared to checks.

Alternate Names:

  • Direct Deposit Bank of America Form.

For this, you will require a Direct Deposit Form from Bank of America which is a legally binding document created to collaborate all of the relevant information by the organization issuing the payment which will allow them to transfer the sum directly into your account. Be careful about giving this form to the relevant organization as it contains private and confidential information which should not get into the wrong hands.

A Bank of America Direct Deposit Form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Get a Bank of America Direct Deposit Form?

A Bank of America Deposit Form is typically filled in for your employer to make payments into your account. It is common for employers to have these forms available, both online and hard copy versions. You should seek to acquire one of these forms directly from your employer or from your bank. If neither of these options work for you, you can download a template of this form and fill it in yourself which may save time for both you and your employer. The form will usually request the following information:

  • The address of your bank . If you are unsure of this, you can find their address on your bank statements;
  • Details about your employer including the name of the company and their address;
  • The routing number of your bank . This information can be found either on your bank statement or on the bottom left corner of your check and is composed of nine digits;
  • Your bank account number . This information can be found both on a check (below the routing number) or on your bank statement;
  • State the type of account where you would like the deposits to be transferred . In some cases, you may be able to provide up to three accounts (if required);
  • Provide your personal details including name, contact telephone number and address;
  • In some instances, additional information may be requested such as your Social Security number;
  • Sign the form and write the date.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit With Bank of America?

Setting up a Direct Deposit with Bank of America is actually relatively straightforward. The most difficult thing you will encounter is filling in the form itself - which isn't difficult at all. Once you have obtained the form, simply fill it in by providing all of the relevant details as described above. It may be a good idea to prepare these documents before you start filling in the form so that you do not waste any time and can fill it in quickly. If you are filling in the form for your employer, then simply hand it over to them once it is completed and the payroll team will do the rest.

If you are entitled to certain benefits and want to set up the direct deposit for a government organization, you can do this by visiting the website and filling in the information online. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the U.S. Treasury directly or visit your local bank.

What Time Does Bank of America Direct Deposit Hit?

The Bank of America Direct Deposit schedule will depend on the method of setting up the direct deposit. This can be set up ranging from same-day payments to up to two days. The sum of money will be deposited on the first working business day of when you would expect to receive the payment. Payments are not made during weekends or public holidays - only on standard working days from Monday to Friday (providing no public holidays fall on these dates).

Bank of America will usually deposit the sum on the same day providing the direct deposit is deposited before 9 pm in which case the payment will be instant. If the deposit occurs after this time then it will most likely hit the next working day in the early morning from midnight up to 6 am.

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