Pnc Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Pnc Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

A PNC Direct Deposit Form is a form that after being completed, allows another party (usually an employer) to successfully send funds into your PNC bank account using PNC Direct Deposit.

Alternate Names:

  • PNC Bank Direct Deposit;
  • PNC Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

The exact sum of transferred funds along with the frequency of payments will all depend on the agreement the employee has with the employer. Before filling out a PNC Direct Deposit Form, the employee should ask the employer to provide as much information regarding the direct deposit process within the company as possible. Furthermore, some companies may already have special forms created for these purposes and they may have their own plan of action surrounding this topic. Therefore you should seek clarification from your employer as the first point of contact.

The main advantage of using a PNC Direct Deposit is that the processing time is much quicker. It saves the employer time as everything is automatically entered onto a computer and all funds are sent out immediately. Generally, the employee receives these funds relatively quickly and it will save them from making a trip to the bank.

A PNC Direct Deposit Form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How Do I Get a PNC Direct Deposit Form?

To obtain a PNC Direct Deposit Form you can firstly either approach the bank or, we would recommend downloading a template in the .pdf format. This will save you time from going to the bank and requesting it, allow you to download and print the form off in the comfort of your own house.

There is also the option to do this online, or through the mobile banking application. However we would still recommend to download and use a physical copy of the document as this way, any potential errors or misunderstandings can quickly be eliminated. If you provide any incorrect information, this could cause problems with receiving funds. The physical copy of the form can be printed, and then you can enter your personal details including information on your bank account.

This Deposit Form is very simple and will not take up too much of your time to complete. In order to save yourself time, we would suggest preparing your bank account details beforehand. Be sure that you know where to locate the account and routing numbers.

If you find that there is an error in your form, you can simply discard the current copy and fill in another copy. Once you have completed the form, you should pass it over to the payroll team within your company.

What Time Does PNC Direct Deposit Clear?

Once the PNC Direct Deposit Form has been given to your employer you should wait for it to be set up by the payroll team. The rest is mostly down to the payroll team, the date you receive the direct deposit will depend on when it was sent out. Providing that it was sent out 2 days prior to the pay date, the PNC Direct Deposit time is between midnight and 8 AM on your payment date. However, if this happens to fall on a holiday then the funds will appear in your account on the next available working day.

Most of this information, particularly the influx of funds can easily be tracked online. If you notice that there is an issue with payments or you have not yet received your salary (and by all calculations you definitely should have done by now), you should get in touch directly with the bank for clarification and advice. Usually, this is due to a late payment from the side of the employer.

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