Corporate Meeting Minutes Template

Corporate Meeting Minutes Template

Corporate Meeting Minutes refer to a formal statement that contains the list of activities, discussions, solutions, and decisions of the board of directors or shareholders that manage the company.

Alternate Name:

  • Corporate Board Meeting Minutes.

It is mandatory to follow the Corporate Meeting Minutes requirements set by the state not only for your internal records but also for the external audit. Prepare minutes of the meeting for the following reasons:

  1. If any of the board members or shareholders are absent during the discussion or vote, they can use the minutes to learn about the decisions made without their contribution and bring up the points of importance during the next gathering.
  2. You will be able to refer to the minutes determining the day-to-day operations of the business and defining short- and long-term goals. If you keep an archive of minutes, you will have a clearer picture of the progress your organization makes.
  3. Obtain legal protection for all the participants that attend the meeting - you will have an official record of every important matter that was discussed to see what ideas and plans were offered by different individuals.

A Corporate Meeting Minutes template can be downloaded below.


How to Write Minutes for a Corporate Meeting?

Whether you are taking Corporate Meeting Minutes for the first time or you want to streamline this process better by describing the actions of the board members or shareholders while already having experience in this area, here are some tips you may use working on the record of the corporate meeting:

  1. Take notes while listening to reports and presentations during the meeting . Even if this is just a rough draft you plan to refine later, it is important you follow the discussion and mark the essential points to build on them later.
  2. Make sure you record the names of directors and shareholders that attend the meeting and the name of the presiding individual . If there are any documents distributed before or during the presentation, indicate this information in the minutes.
  3. The more meetings you attend, the better you will know how to record the contents of the deliberation . If most meetings follow a similar structure and you are provided with a list of speakers ahead of the gathering on top of it, you may draw a table with the names of people that showcase their achievements and suggestions, note who added to the topic and who was against it during the meeting, and the results of the vote if there is one at the end of the meeting.
  4. Enter the time the meeting was adjourned and the date and time of the next one if this information is available already.
  5. Once the meeting is over, you should make corrections to the initial draft and create a clean copy - for instance, if you used abbreviations that only you would understand, the document you later submit to your superior has to include complete sentences. Compose a summary of the meeting if needed and be short and concise using bullet points and emphasizing the most important information discussed.

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