Business Meeting Minutes Template

Business Meeting Minutes Template

Business Meeting Minutes record all crucial information regarding any meeting that takes place within any type of company. Usually, such meetings occur regularly and the purpose of writing down these minutes:

  • Will act as proof that the meeting actually happened as in some businesses, this is an absolute requirement;
  • Will also act to confirm the authenticity of the notes and decisions made as all present members are required to sign the minutes before they leave the meeting;
  • It will also be extremely useful for individuals that could not make it to the meeting as they will receive thorough notes regarding what topics were up for discussion and what (if any) decisions were finalized.

Business Meeting Minutes shouldn't be an exact transcript of every small detail that was talked about but it should be thorough. Therefore the individual taking down notes must be able to differentiate between crucial information that could be of use and information that is unimportant. In some businesses, these minutes are stored away so that they can be looked at for future use.

A Business Meeting Minutes template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Take Minutes in a Business Meeting?

Taking minutes in a business meeting is a big responsibility and it requires someone with the skill of picking out vital information and recording it at a relatively high speed. However, if the person taking notes is aware of the Business Meeting Minutes format, it can be a great help and make their job easier especially if a template for Business Meeting Minutes is used. When taking down minutes in a business meeting, make sure that the following information is included:

  • Any minutes should start with a brief summary of the meeting which includes information on the name of the business, the name of the individual chairing the meeting along with the date, time, and place of the meeting;
  • Write down the names of the individuals that are present in the meeting;
  • Write down the names of the individuals that were not present in the meeting;
  • A brief recap of the previous meeting minutes from the last meeting, followed by a brief summary of what the present meeting will entail;
  • While recapping the previous meeting, you should record information about any progress in regards to previous ideas and note down any new possible ideas;
  • Note down the discussion of any new ideas or problems related to the topic of discussion. If any votes have taken place, this should also be recorded with a detail of the notes;
  • If any other important information is discussed, apart from the main topics then this information should also be recorded;
  • Once the meeting has commenced, note down the time that the meeting ended and ensure that the necessary individuals sign the document. In some companies, it would suffice for the person leading the meeting and the person noting down the minutes to sign. In other companies, all people in attendance would be expected to sign;
  • Ensure that these minutes are given out to all individuals that attended the meeting and to those that missed it.

Who Usually Writes the Meeting Minutes During a Business meeting?

Usually, a special secretary is invited to take down notes as the job is much more than just simply writing down some information. It requires speed and the ability to analyze information, differentiating between crucial information and useless information. However, in some instances, if there is no secretary - one of the people involved in the meeting can be expected to take down these notes. If this is the case, the individual should be informed beforehand where possible.

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