Strategy Meeting Agenda Template

Strategy Meeting Agenda Template

What Is a Strategy Meeting Agenda?

A Strategy Meeting Agenda is used to form an informative manual for participants to keep track during a meeting in which a specific plan or marketable strategy is being talked about. By using this document, the gathering chief can outline the points for discussion during a meeting so that attendees have a rough idea of what the topic of conversation is and what it will entail, allowing them to draw up some points for discussion beforehand.

Alternate Name:

  • Business Strategy Meeting Agenda.

A well-formed Strategy Meeting Agenda in most cases will usually begin with a concise summary that should outline the main reason for calling the meeting and the various points that are planned to being discussed. It usually ends with an open discussion in which participants can discuss their opinions and seek clarification on any pressing queries. In any case, the specific format of the plan can be decided by the individual chairing the meeting which may differ - this will depend on the objectives of the business. A crucial reason for using this document is to create structure, ensuring that nobody goes off topic while at the same time distributing participants a general informative reference in regards to the things that ought to be considered and decided upon in the meeting.

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How to Prepare for a Strategy Meeting?

Chairing a Strategy Meeting is probably a lot simpler than it is to get ready for. In order to ensure maximal effectiveness, you should be well prepared and certain that all of the relevant information is in your hands. Preparation for such a meeting will start two weeks prior to the actual meeting. If you want to successfully prepare for a Strategy Meeting make sure that you plan and consider the following points:

  • Think about who the meeting is aimed at - this will help you decide who to invite to the meeting. It is quite rare that the meeting would concern all staff members; maybe you want to invite a particular department to the meeting. This will all depend on why you are meeting and what you want to achieve by the end of the meeting;
  • Select a convenient date for the meeting . Ensure that you pick a date on which everyone will be available and make sure that any important information that will be needed for the meeting will be ready by this date;
  • Prepare all of the relevant data, documents and information required;
  • Create an agenda and distribute it to the attendees.

How to Create a Strategy Meeting Agenda?

We have compiled a list of the hints and tips to consider when creating your own Strategy Meeting Agenda. This should include:

  • A short summary regarding the meeting . More specifically, this section should include the place, date, and time of the meeting along with information on who is chairing the meeting;
  • Next, include a brief and concise summary in regards to the reason for the meeting;
  • Leave room to note down all the individuals that are present in the meeting and all of those who are not in attendance;
  • Introduce the agenda of the meeting. This should be a brief overview of the specifics that need to be discussed in the meeting;
  • Prior to going into too much detail about a new strategy, it would be wise to discuss and evaluate the old strategy and discuss the effectiveness;
  • Discuss the new strategy, explaining this in a high level of detail;
  • Leave room for discussion . This will allow participants to voice their opinion and raise any questions;
  • Conclude the meeting.

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