Book Club Meeting Agenda Template

Book Club Meeting Agenda Template

A Book Club Meeting Agenda is a plan used when gathering people to talk about a current book that they are reading. Generally, the group consists of book club members which meet up at regular intervals, usually after reading a certain number of pages and/or chapters. In the Book Club Meeting the individuals discuss what they have read so far and what they think about the book. The members can attempt to analyze the language and/or storyline and even predict what they think may happen in the next few chapters.

To ensure that the meeting will run smoothly, a Book Club Meeting Agenda will lay out the structure and plan for the meeting to make sure that nothing is missed off and so that the meeting has an organic, chronological flow. The agenda will provide all the necessary information required to the book club members so that they are aware of where the meeting is, when the meeting is and who is responsible for what. It is common to designate certain chapters, characters or paragraphs to each book club member for them to create a short summary which will be discussed in the meeting. This agenda will contain all of this information.

A Book Club Meeting Agenda template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Run a Book Club Meeting?

If you are struggling for Book Club Meeting ideas, particularly if you are hosting your first Book Club Meeting and are nervous about getting it right - look no further. We have compiled a list of the top tips and hints required to ensure that you run a successful and original Book Club Meeting:

  • First of all, you need to decide on a genre or author . It is important to take into account the interests of the group to ensure that everyone enjoys reading the literature;
  • Think about the optimal size of the group . The more the merrier isn't necessarily the case as sometimes, having too many people in the club can cause problems in communication and discussion;
  • Delegate all members a role in the book club . Make sure that there is a person responsible for each element of book club ranging from food to hosting. It is also a good idea to interchange these roles during every meeting;
  • Don't be afraid to let new members in . A fresh view and opinion can definitely make a Book Club Meeting more interesting. For those not in the book club - make sure they leave the room. You want to create a sense of togetherness for members exclusively;
  • Consider the food for a Book Club Meeting . Obviously, you are not expected to lay a table for a three-course meal, but it is always nice to have some nibbles on the side when discussing your books;
  • Ensure that your members know how much to read and what to discuss on the agenda;
  • Avoid meeting up too often . This will take away the fun and you risk turning the fun event into a mundane task.

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