Board Meeting Agenda Template

Board Meeting Agenda Template

A Board Meeting Agenda is a written document created to list the topics the board of directors will discuss during their gathering and figure out how much time the activities the company has planned for the meeting will take. To effectively enact new policies and handle any issues of your business or non-profit organization, you need to plan the meeting first with the help of a proper agenda.

Alternate Name:

  • Board of Directors Meeting Agenda.

At least a week before the meeting it is necessary to prepare an agenda and decide what the directors will discuss whether it is a regular meeting or an emergency that occurred and the organization has to act quickly. Download a Board Meeting Agenda template through the link below.


Who Sets the Agenda for a Board Meeting?

The board chairman is the person that determines the subjects to be included in the agenda. Although the company secretary is typically assigned with creating and distributing the documentation, first, they should talk to the board chairman and find out what the board needs to accomplish during the meeting, learn the key points to be discussed, and schedule the presentations and speeches of board members.

How to Create an Agenda for a Board Meeting?

Here is how you may draft a Board of Directors Meeting Agenda:

  1. Although there is no universal format for an agenda, you should have a clear plan in your head before creating your first Board Meeting Agenda especially if you work for an organization with meticulous recordkeeping . The first agenda will set a tone for other documents that will follow so try to compose a template that will allow you to cover all the matters you may have to address in the future.
  2. Title the document, state the name of the company, the location, date, and time of the meeting.
  3. Schedule the opening of the meeting - how long will it take, who will take care of an introduction, and set the scene for the upcoming talks . You may also note that the secretary will write down the names of all the participants. During the opening, you can refer to the previous meeting and tell the attendees whether the company successfully reached the targets set by the board members.
  4. Focus on three main groups of issues the organization is facing - matters for decision, discussion, and organizational changes you need to pay attention to.
  5. Prepare to vote on the matters that impact the company most - hire and fire executives, amend the policy of the organization, change the salary scheme;
  6. Ask the chief executive officer to prepare a weekly or monthly report to talk about the significant obstacles you face at the moment, update the board on the implementation of long-term strategic plans, and analyze the performance of the business if necessary.
  7. Request a similar report from the chief financial officer as well - they can inform the board about the recent financial statements, provide insight into the cash flow of the organization, disclose current liabilities, and tell the directors whether you are operating within your means.
  8. Allocate some time for a board chairman and senior managers of the organization to talk about the recent events . Offer updates on the relationship with the shareholders and the day-to-day operations of the business.
  9. Notify the board about the organizational changes and their timeline . For instance, a School Board Meeting Agenda may remind the chairman to notify the board members about the new visitation policy for the educational institution.
  10. Finalize the agenda by setting aside several minutes to review the meeting, schedule the next one, and thank the attendees for their time.

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