LLC Meeting Minutes Template

LLC Meeting Minutes Template

LLC Meeting Minutes are written down notes which are recorded in great detail during a meeting between the owners of a Limited Liability Company. All discussions that take place during the meeting, any votes or decisions that are made should all be recorded in this format. Although there is no law in states to enforce minute meetings, it is an extremely useful tool for keeping a brief summary of the discussions taken place and can be distributed to any members that were not present during a meeting.

Alternate Name:

  • LLC Member Meeting Minutes.

The main advantage of holding such meetings is that it ensures all members are aware of any changes and that all members can reach an agreement regarding any important decisions. Those that attend the meeting will need to sign, which confirms their attendance in the meeting.

The individual responsible for taking down these notes is usually a secretary which records all information from the very start of the meeting until the very end. The individual responsible for the organization of the meeting is within their right to appoint a different individual to take down these notes, if they choose to do so for any reason.

An LLC Meeting Minutes template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Write LLC Meeting Minutes?

Writing up LLC Meeting Minutes is easy, but there is a specific LLC Meeting Minutes format that needs to be followed to ensure all relevant information is included which we have put together in the list below:

  • Details of the meeting and those that are leading it which includes the name of the secretary (taking notes), the name of the person chairing the meeting, the location as well as the date and time of the meeting;
  • Detail the names of the individuals present in the meeting and those that were absent;
  • Note down the time that the meeting commenced and hand out meeting minutes from any previous meetings and discuss the reason for the current meeting;
  • Record any information about relevant reports that could provide important information regarding the topic of the meeting;
  • Write up any discussions concerning previous aims that were put in place . This discussion usually evaluates the effectiveness of the plan put in place, how successful it was and if any new strategies need to be implemented;
  • Write up any discussions regarding new business ideas with a clear and outlined strategy . If any votes take place, details of the vote should also be recorded in the meeting minutes;
  • Once all decisions have been made and finalized, there is then an opportunity to have an overall, general discussion which should include all members of the LLC that are present in the meeting . This could present new topics for discussion in future meetings;
  • When all questions have been answered and there is nothing more to discuss, the meeting should officially end . It is important to make sure that all individuals present in the meeting sign the meeting minutes as confirmation and approval of their presence and the decisions made.

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