Bed Bug Addendum Template

Bed Bug Addendum Template

What Is a Bed Bug Addendum?

A Bed Bug Addendum is a document in which a tenant is reassured that there are no known bed bug issues within a property.

Alternate Name:

  • Bed Bug Lease Addendum.

Because getting rid of bed bugs can be extremely challenging, in some states (such as California, for example) the landlord is required to provide this information as well as a history of any previous cases relating to bed bugs within a property. Because it can be extremely challenging to find bed bugs and to ensure that the landlord is being honest, the tenant needs to call out an exterminator which will be able to do all of the required tests to determine whether or not bed bugs are present at a property.

The document should be signed by all tenants and the landlord. It can safeguard the landlord from being accused of any dishonest information. If the exterminator concludes that there are no bed bugs present at a property and then they appear - this will act as proof that bed bugs were brought with the tenant. The document will also require the landlord to provide information regarding any previous issues with bed bugs, usually in the last year.

A Bed Bug Addendum template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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