Fitness Consultation Form

Fitness Consultation Form

What Is a Fitness Consultation?

The majority of fitness instructors offer a Fitness Consultation . Establishing objectives for a training plan and prospective aims is made easier whenever the customer and the instructor are both in agreement which is important to do during the first meeting.

Alternate Name:

  • Personal Training Consultation.

Depending on the instructor, the very first meeting and the initial exercise may be combined or separated. However, by conducting the first session individually, instructors are able to process the vast amount of information that they have received. It offers them enough time to think about and prepare enough for creating the introductory workout.

Additionally, it's a great opportunity to introduce the customer to the program. Prior to putting your client through training, they have the opportunity to visit the gym and become slightly more accustomed to their new trainer.

The majority of the data is acquired using a Fitness Consultation Form that potential customers can complete as well as extra questions that a trainer might pose during a discussion. During this first session, you'll probably also complete the mobility tests.

A Fitness Consultation template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Do a Personal Training Consultation?

When performing a Personal Training Consultation, regardless of whether it is in person or an online Fitness Consultation there is a degree or preparation needed on behalf of the trainer. It is good to have a list of prewritten questions that will allow you to get all of the crucial information that you will need as a trainer to create the optimal training program for your clients. Because of this, you need to ensure that you ask the right questions. Read up on our top tips and hints that will help you create the perfect Fitness Consultation Form:

  • The main objective of the Personal Training Consultation is to hear your clients . All you need to do is provide them with the relevant prompts in the form of questions and then you will need to interpret their answers into something meaningful;
  • Aim for a mix of open and closed ended questions where appropriate;
  • The first thing you will want to find out from your new customer is what motivated them to start working with a personal trainer as often this information will be very useful for understanding the goals and motivation of the individual;
  • Dig deeper into the aims of the customer - what specifically do they want to achieve from training sessions? Do they want to lose weight, bulk up muscle or just keep themselves in shape?;
  • Find out if there is a fixed timeframe by which you need to achieve the desired results . For example, an individual may want to lose weight before their wedding in 6 months - you should have this information on hand;
  • Ask the customer about their lifestyle and get information about where they work, what they do so that you have a better picture of their daily physical activity;
  • You should also enquire about any previous experiences with personal training which can be particularly useful if the experience was negative so as to make the client happy in your own sessions.

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