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Welcome to our webpage dedicated to voluntary agreements, also known as voluntary support agreements, voluntary cleanup program agreements, voluntary child support agreements, or victim offender dialogues.

A voluntary agreement is a legally binding contract entered into by parties without any external coercion or authority. It is a collaborative and consensual arrangement that allows individuals or organizations to resolve issues, address concerns, or make commitments voluntarily.

In the realm of family law, a voluntary support agreement provides a way for parents to establish child support or spousal support payments outside of the formal court process. This document allows parents to agree on the financial obligations, including the amount and frequency of payments, enabling them to maintain control and flexibility in managing their familial responsibilities.

For environmental purposes, a voluntary cleanup program agreement allows property owners, responsible parties, and regulatory agencies to come together and formulate a plan for the cleanup and remediation of contaminated sites. This agreement promotes cooperation, transparency, and accountability in addressing environmental issues and ensures the protection of both public health and the environment.

In the field of education, a voluntary agreement for administrative fees enables public charter schools to receive financial assistance through a voluntary agreement with the Florida Public Charter SchoolGrant Program. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which the school can access additional funds to support its educational programs, ensuring equal opportunities for students and promoting the advancement of education.

Additionally, victim offender dialogues offer a restorative justice approach to resolving conflicts and promoting healing between victims and offenders. Through a voluntary agreement, parties involved can engage in a confidential and structured process aimed at understanding the impact of the offense, seeking reparations, and fostering empathy and understanding, ultimately promoting rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.

Whether you are seeking a legal arrangement for child support, exploring options for environmental cleanup, or considering a restorative justice approach, our webpage on voluntary agreements provides comprehensive information and resources to help you navigate through the process. We strive to empower individuals and organizations in making informed decisions and finding mutually beneficial solutions through voluntary agreements.




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This Form is used for employees in Maine who want to voluntarily have deductions from their paycheck for various purposes such as retirement savings or charitable donations.

This form is used for the Voluntary Child Support Agreement under the Child Care Scholarship Program in Maryland. It allows parents to come to an agreement on child support payments voluntarily.

This document is a voluntary agreement for administrative fees related to the Florida Public Charter School Grant Program in Florida.

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